Watch Your Back Billy V

So what was the deal with Fox29 contributor Hugh Douglas anchoring sports the other night?

Even though Don Tollefson left the station almost a year ago, former weekend sports anchor Bill Vargus has never officially been named permanent weekday anchor,  and former part-timer Joe Staszak became the weekend sports anchor.

Seems like a bad sign for Vargus.


15 responses to “Watch Your Back Billy V

  1. FOX 29 needs to get out of the news business. They were doing fine without local newscasts on the station back in the day before 1986.

  2. They just go through cycles and fire everybody and start over. Remember Noonan-Chernekoff-Cariello-Cherkin? They went to Huddleston-Stensland-Guarino-Tollefson, and now only Stensland is left…for now.

  3. Its never a good sign when the station hasn’t named you the primary sports anchor almost a year after they let Tolley go. So yeah, if I were Billy, V, I would assume that my days are numbered at Fox 20. And it doesn’t help that they are letting a former football player that has no training whatsoever in sports anchoring do the job.

  4. Sorry, 29

  5. What is even more disturbing is that Douglas has not improved one bit.

    He still fumbles his words. Still has no on-air delivery. And has proven that he knows LITTLE about other sports besides football.

    On the flip side, Ike Reese is terrific.
    He is well-prepared, well-informed, and brings some great analysis to the airwaves.

    How can Ike get so good so fast, while Douglas continues to be complete fraud?

  6. The answer is simple WJ, because Hugh Douglas has a one track mind. Do you ever listen to him on WIP? Unless he is talking about “boobies” and strip clubs, he is completely out of his element and adds absolutely nothing – it really is embarrassing. Douglas is a disgrace on both the radio and TV – and kudos to you for recognizing how hard Ike works and has worked to improve himself.

  7. And—Douglas still talks like he would on the street in North Philly. No announciation, just awful. No broadcast experience and it shows!

  8. Sheeez, Julius….you still don’t know anything about television, radio, the economy or anything relevant.

    Do you think that FOX 29 would still be in the newscast business if it wasn’t profitable?

    How do you know they ‘were doing fine’ before they started newscasts..did you check their books, where you privy to all of their financials? did you know what the ad rates were, then and now? OK Julius tell me what did they air @ 10 pm back then?

    How can you make such a claim with out any discernible information.

    You like to make claims that have no basis in fact. Stop doing it, it makes you look foolish.

    (Laura, do not delete this comment-Mr. May needs to hear this.)

  9. TV junkie is right on track

    Douglas is awful.

  10. How we all forget about another former eagle was fumbled and bumbled all the way up to the sports director position at NBC 10

  11. My Golden Globe Vote

    Doug I didn’t forget, that is exactly why I DON’T watch NBC 10 for sports…

  12. Sikahema is able to articulate on the air and is well versed in other sports.

    Douglas is a farce. He knows NOTHING about basketball or baseball.

  13. thedogatemyhomework

    Sikahema may have cared in the past, but it’s clear he doesn’t anymore. The guy is bored. His sportscasts have no energy. He is just showing up with the outfit and make up on, not taking an interest in the stories he’s reporting UNLESS one of them is about him referree-ing or punching in some dumbass boxing match.

  14. I have to admit your comment made me chuckle, thedogatemyhomework.

  15. thedogatemyhomework

    Laura, everybody knows it’s true. Let’s not kid ourselves. Really!

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