Jamie or Keith?

So with Jamie Apody and Keith Russell getting more airtime because Gary Papa is not working the 11 p.m. show while he recuperates from surgery, which one do you like better?

My choice is Apody.  She’s definitely improved in her two-plus years here.


35 responses to “Jamie or Keith?

  1. Oh, definetly Apody. Keith Russell is painful to watch sometimes. Him and his awful one liners he always does in the beginning of his reports….TERRIBLE!

  2. Not a great choice to begin with , but its Apody by a landslide.

    Keith Russell tries way too hard, overemphasizes the obvious, and his one liners are just awful.

    Someone needs to tell Keith that he is reading sports scores and not performing a standup act.

    Regarding Jamie, it looks like she could use a few extra hours at the gym…

  3. Care to have everyone examine your every physical “flaw”, WackyJack?

    Way to add something irrelevant to the issue of who’s a better anchor.

  4. I like both of them. Truly WPVI has the best on-air talent. Apody and Russell are light years beyond the lead sports personalities on the other stations.

  5. Didn’t say that it was relevent to the issue. Just threw that out there as a comment as its blatantly obvious that JO has plumped it up recently…

  6. Jamie Apody without a doubt. Keith Ruessell is the worst sportscaster that I’ve seen on TV sicne CBS3 employed Gary Cobb. Russell for some reason thinks htat this stupid one lines are funny. But instrad of people laughing at them they are laughing at him. Why is channel 6 still emplying this annoying tool?

  7. employing.

  8. Yes, I have to guess that Papa and Gardner make so much $ that the two must be grossly underpaid for the position. Jamie is much better, the other guy is a JOKE! He is not good at all…..should not be on TV. 6 abc has been on top for so long , they must feel that they can do nothing wrong!

  9. One other comment, they should not raise the parking rates.


  10. Keith Russell’s delivery is classic ESPN. That isn’t a bad thing, just a fact. He’s a local guy done good, he is much better than Eskin (jerk) Clark (boob) or McCarthy (NOT knowledgable) and Beasley Reese reminds me of a pimp. Vargus on Fox 29 is good but they seem to be pushing Hugh Dougles. He is barely literate. All the other stations together can’t hold a candle to anyone on WPVI. Let’s be realistic.

  11. Jamie, of course. Keith is horrible. Always has been.

  12. Few people have anything positive to say about Keith.

  13. People have to realize that Russell came from ESPN, where schtick is encouraged. I’ve seen several of their former anchors in different markets, and they try that same act on local TV.

  14. Good point by Mike. That is the ESPN edict. Radio guys Mike and Mike are a good example.

    But sadly for Keith, schtick doesn’t fly over at 6ABC. Its not how they roll, with perhaps the one exception being Don Polec. But on the whole, Keith is a bad fit on many levels. Good point nonetheless by Mike

  15. Do I have to pick one? I despise both of them. Neither of them fits the Channel 6 mold and their interactions with Jim Gardner are awkward at best.

  16. They are both trainwrecks!! And now, they’ve also added Jeff Skyversky. I guess they’ve come to realize how local sports coverage, and the two minutes alloted to itn have become virtaully irrelevant given the number of sources they are competing against.

  17. Jamie by far. She is at least a professional sportscaster with a good delivery and good interview skills. I don’t know what you would call Keith but he sure doesn’t fit the 6ABC mold.

  18. I never really thought about it the way Mike pointed out. I had no idea Keith came from ESPN and it makes sense. At the same time, I don’t think he fits at all, and he needs to learn to tone it down a bit if he hopes to be liked and fit in at a local level.

  19. If you want to contact the station: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/feature?section=resources/inside_station/station_info&id=6183128 If you really want to complain about the 2 anchors, do it via this link.

  20. Is the author of this blog is behind this all out assault on keith russell? Why post a topic x vs y? One glaring pattern of this blog is that he [russell] continues to get bad remarks and I know it’s unwarranted. Yes, his first month or two, he was a mess, but why the perpetual hate? Did Keith date and marry your daughters? Leave the man alone. It’s SPORTS for crying out loud!! It’s not like he’s your financial advisor! This means you Wacky Jack, Julia May, etc. Like we don’t know you three people I’ve mentioned are the same person (hehehe). Patterns, everyone, patterns reveal someone’s true intentions.

  21. Mark me down for Jamie Apody.

  22. Jamie. Her voice is unique, hope she’s not a
    2 pack a day girl.

  23. Jamie!

    She is intelligent, upbeat without being annoying, and has a sense of humor without being a tool.

    As for Keith, lets send him back to ESPN or even better, to MSNBC.

  24. Everytime I hear Keith Russell, It reminds me of how much I miss Phil Andrews.

  25. Jaime Apody has that Tara Reid I’ve been up all night smoking and drinking voice-my husband mutes her every time she’s on! Keith Russle is my choice.

  26. thedogatemyhomework

    icu: maybe it’s a subject people want to discuss. When’s the last time any subject on this website has gotten 25 responses? Sorry we hurt your feelings, but public opinion is obviously not in Keith’s favor. He is not liked in this market. He sounds like he is parodying a sports anchor…with that phony, barfy presentation. Totally unnatural and not conversational. Russell comes off looking even worse because the only comparison we have at six is Gary, who is so smooth. His sportscasts are more like a chat with a friend about what’s going on on the playing fields.

  27. mytoeshavefungus

    They are both horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. If you want to contact the station and complain about Russell : http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/feature?section=resources/inside_station/station_info&id=6183128

  29. It’s all apart of the profession! Not naming names, he is not the right guy for this market! 6abc is really missing the boat on this one……..

  30. thedogatemyhomework

    Julius — ENOUGH with the ‘complain to the station/go to this website’. You keep posting that every time Russell’s name comes up.

  31. I choose me…or one of the above commenters! Ah, I have to pick one? Alright, I’ll go with Apody. She seems to be more in line with what a local sportscaster should be. You know, Rita Cosby has surgery to repair her vocal cords, maybe Jamie’s next in line…

    Keith has been awkward from jump street. And, let it be said that he was an ESPNEWS anchor. He may have been on the 4am Sportscenter Sunday morning on ESPN once or twice, but he was primarily an ESPNEWS anchor. So, he wasn’t even good enough in Bristol.

    Gary, get back where you belong soon! Action News needs you, brother.

  32. What’s Tolly been up to these days? Maybe he’d be up to pinch-hitting at his old stomping grounds.

  33. My choice is Jamie , Keith thinks he knows it all along with Jeff I think they both hurt the Phila teams with there stuipied remarks. Geo.D.

  34. Ilike them both, keith was always upbeat, and jamie is a good fit.

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