Wondering About Gary

6ABC sports director Gary Papa has been off the air a few days this week, including Thursday, which was the first day of sweeps.

Even though he returned to the air after missing two weeks in January due to some kind of medical procedure which is believed to be related to his prostate cancer, I’m wondering if there is something wrong again.

6ABC did not answer several emails in regard to his condition.

UPDATE:  6ABC confirmed that Gary has not been feeling well this week and since his return from surgery has not anchored the 11 p.m. show.  Jamie Apody and Keith Russell will alternate doing the 11 p.m. show.


9 responses to “Wondering About Gary

  1. We continue to support Gary in our prayers.
    He’s one veteran player we should definitely hold on to.

  2. C’mon Gary! Feel better!

    I can’t take more of Keith Russell.

  3. Gary’s actually has been working part time ever since he’s returned. If you look closely when he’s on, he leans against a pillow, suggesting that he had back surgery. I do have to say his voice doesn’t sound as weak as it did when he first returned; hopefully, that’s a good sign.

  4. I think the station should let Keith Russell go

  5. I’m sure WPVI will get right on that, Julius.

  6. How can anyone watch this guy. You know their are three other news programs at the same time as abc6.

  7. I’d bet if Keith was blonde hair and blue eyes and yet had the same personality, we wouldn’t be reading these hateful comments about him, if any at all! The old adage is correct: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”
    Some of you people, meh!

  8. Joanne Lullio Morris

    Missing you. Please feel better, you are always in my prayers.

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