Broadcasting 101 on Fox29

While the boards have been busy comparing 6ABC’s Jamie Apody and Keith Russell, we have another sports disaster brewing – Hugh Douglas on Fox29.

For the last three Fridays, the former Eagle has been doing his version of “sportscasts.”   Instead of doing the traditional highlights and scores, he is getting fed topics by the news anchor, then giving his opinion, sort of like WIP on TV. 

In a way, it’s not a bad idea.  Barely anybody actually gets their sports news from local newscasts these days. 

But either all the sportscasts on Fox29 should be in that format, or Douglas should get his on-the-job training off the air.


20 responses to “Broadcasting 101 on Fox29

  1. If anyone continues to watch local TV newscasts, they get what they deserve. A complete waste of airtime and time. And yes, local TV management thinks what’s left of its entire viewing audience has an IQ in single digits. These folks simply do not get it – we no longer live in a world where local TV news matters. It does not! Very few folks under 30 even watch TV, their video consumption is online. We are our own program directors, no need to tune in when they tell you to. In fact, no need to tune in to a FOX 29 at all with the many news and entertainment options available today.

  2. I like the analogy Laura, and that’s EXACTLY what I feel like watching, “broadcast 101”. The guy is simply horrible. He sounds like he’s on the streets with his “buds” the way he speaks…and has no business in broadcasting at the level he is now which is a complete lack of experience. For a market this size…it’s embarassing to watch and FOX just doesn’t get it and never will.

  3. Hugh seems like a decent guy but he is horrific on the air, moreso on television, but also on the radio. Does this even matter to his employers?

  4. So Taylor, a quick question: Then why do you watch if it’s so embarrassing? There’s simply no need to watch any local TV newscast to be informed and entertained in today’s society.

    Duke: It does not even matter to his employees. Don’t you get it? His employees have no regard for you, an intelligent person (viewer/listener). They could care less. They think we are all morons. Again, as I wrote above, “If anyone continues to watch local TV newscasts, they get what they deserve.” Pure garbage.

  5. Its clear that Fox29 could not care less about sports, becasue they only give what seems like 30 seconds worth. But then again, that’s the way that local stations in town cover sports on their newscast. I don’t know why a sprots fan in town would watch a snewscast to get their sport snews anymore. Becasue they don’t give a dam about sports period. If you want your fix of local sports, that’s whyComcast Sportsnet is there for. They actually care about local sports.

  6. “that’s whyComcast Sportsnet is there for. They actually care about local sports.” And they do a darn good job.

  7. The good news for me is that he is only on local TV. Emmitt Smith got a job on ESPN, and it was painfully obvious that he did not receive any meaningful on-air training. I believe it was because of his performance on Dancing with the Stars.

  8. I don’t like this experiment. The more casual fan doesn’t watch ESPN or Comcast every night. Sometimes we just want the local scores and a highlight or two without waiting 20 minutes to see the one score we really want.

  9. Keep living in fantasy land, Dunn.

    Oh…yeah…and why, if you care so very little (and if you speak for the rest of the audience under 30 as you seem to imagine you do in your own egocentric world), why the need to spam a message board about a form of media you dislike? We know, we know…just to hear yourself talk.

  10. The good days were over once Tollefson left at 29. All down hill now!

  11. Billy Vargus is a professional. Hugh is good at what he does, or should do, which is comment on football. When too many former athletes with no background in journalism become the sports teams for the news we start to lose people who will ask the difficult questions of our team owners, or presidents and actually “report”, then the news becomes a place where the teams can have their puppets simply spout out what ever info they want said, or it just becomes a show of opinions, not news. This town takes its sports too seriously for that.

  12. HD is a disaster. He is NOT prepared to go on the air.

    He fumbles through the topics. He does not know his content.

    Also, he is AWFUL on radio. Some of his best quotes from his shift with Rob Charry the other day:

    “Yeah, uh… what’s that guy’s name?”

    “I forget what happened in that game”

    “I don’t even know who is in the Big East”

    Get this guy off the airwaves ASAP.

  13. Homer Jay, your reaction to what I wrote is SO OFF BASE that it barely even dignifies a response, but here goes. You don’t even know me or anything about my broadcast career. Therefore, how could you write what you did? SPAM? Give me a break. How about an OPINION to share with other opinions to this topic. And, what I stated about local TV management is a FACT – they do not care about their audience. Go ahead,prove me wrong, this ought to be fun. What’s your broadcast career background,you local media big shot, you?

  14. thedogatemyhomework

    What I don’t understand in this market is the “grinning idiot” mold of sportscaster. Why is everything so funny to all of them, all of the time? They look goofy. There IS a middle ground between being a clown and being a stern newsreader. I’m thinking somebody like Marv Albert. He’s pleasant but not a buffoon.

  15. Dunn wrote: So Taylor, a quick question: Then why do you watch if it’s so embarrassing? There’s simply no need to watch any local TV newscast to be informed and entertained in today’s society.

    Dunn, by “embarrassing” I meant to type that it should be embarrassing to FOX management…THEY should be embarrassed by having someone with such low broadcast experience on their air. As I said though, they don’t get it and never will. As to WHY I watch? I’m not the typical viewer…I simply watch to see what the stations are doing or NOT doing…I get my news from the newspaper…maybe the top story from the stations I switch around to–but you’re right–the days of watching local TV news for what’s going on are long gone. Now, it’s the fluff factor, the pre-packaged consumer segments, the overdone packages on the weather, etc.

  16. Oh, Dunn…spare me the amateur lawyer stuff. It doesn’t add anything to the debate. Facts are that which can be proven, and a blanket statement about all people in a cateogy such as “they don’t care” cannot be proven. Ergo, not a fact. Even if you had someone tell you that they felt that way to your face (and you’ve offered up no names in an attempt to prove that), it is applicable only to them. You may indeed have an opinion about them…but how many do you know personally? All of them? Doubtful. Yet you object thats someone makes a statement about you without “knowing” you. Does the phrase ‘talking out of both sides of your mouth” ring a bell? It sounds more like a person scorned than any kind of empirical fact.

    No need to prove you wrong about what you pretend to be a fact, when it’s quite the opposite. You’ve done the job yourself.

  17. Homer Jay, You still don’t get it and never will. Your response does not dignify any added comment. Have a great day!

  18. Buh-bye, Dunn. Spoken as someone who can’t separate fact from opinion and therefore HAS nothing more to add.

  19. Rudey Obnoxious

    I have a question for Dunn. Are you what’s known as a troll?

  20. Rudey, not sure it’s nice to insult trolls by comparing them to Dunn. Trolls have a purpose…like guarding bridges.

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