Broadcast Pioneers Salute Channel 10

NBC10 takes center stage at this month’s Broadcast Pioneers’ luncheon at the Bala Golf Club, Wednesday, March 18 at noon.  Tracy Davidson, Bill Henley, Lori Wilson, and Assistant News Director, Dave Parker will take part in a panel discussion.

Here are some of the things that come to mind when I think about Channel 10:

Sheela Allen Stephens

“Big” Al Meltzer and Joe “Sports” Pellegrino

Larry Kane

The Jane Whitney Show

Herb Dennenberg and Dennenberg’s Dump

Herb Clarke

Gene Crane

Orion Reid

The Sharon Reed/Alycia Taylor fight


7 responses to “Broadcast Pioneers Salute Channel 10

  1. Hard to forget these ladies:

    Karen Hepp
    “Boozin” Beth McDonough
    Lori Delgado

    And the most recent favorite moment – Jade McCarthy getting doused with the champagne in the Phillies locker room.

  2. Can’t forget about John Facenda.

  3. Vince DiMetri and his crazy antics come to mind too.

    Steve Levy and his many years at the station…

  4. We know where Wacky Jack’s mind is. Can’t blame him though.

    I’m kinda shocked Laura didn’t immediately think of Bill Baldini in her list. He leaves a few months ago and he’s apparently forgotten. I kid, I kid.

  5. 4 words

    “Storm of the Century”

  6. Orion was a fraud. She had a personal vendetta against certain supermarkets, and used her position at 10 to get even. She proved herself a hack when she went to work for Shoprite after she finally left the airwaves.
    Orion Reid… YOU LOSER!!!

  7. Wow tell us how you really feel.

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