No Joke – Don Polec Leaving Action News

According to Michael Klein, longtime 6ABC funnyman Don Polec will be leaving Action News fittingly on April Fool’s Day, April 1.

Polec has been filing his reports since 1982, but his airtime was cut the last couple of years.

Polec joins Gerald Kolpan of Fox29 and Sheela Allen Stephens of NBC10; reporters who specialized in offbeat stories; who are no longer on the air.

Can anybody name a reporter in Philly with personality these days?


12 responses to “No Joke – Don Polec Leaving Action News

  1. Jen Frederick

  2. You are right! I forgot about Jennaphr.

  3. Was this his choice or the station’s? I’ve always enjoyed his reports.

  4. NOOOOOOO! Don Polec was the best. I enjoy offbeat stories, and they’ve become a synonymous part of Action News over the last twenty five years.

  5. I think Tim Lake just oozes personality….NOT! A cardboard cutout of Tim Lake has more personality than Tim Lake.

  6. Tim Furlong of Channel 10. But no one will ever replace Sheela Allen Stephens. She was wonderful!

  7. How about the many local reporters and anchors devoid of personality?

    Thomas Drayton 29
    Ben Simmoneau 3
    Dave Warren 10

  8. Don was good on air. However, I ran into him while he was filming a few of his reports. He would be doing a report in a public place, and you could see he was annoyed that there were actually people there. Hey Don, if you don’t want anyone around you, you should have filmed in the studio. That being said, he did a good job of covering up the fact that he didn’t really like people. His stories always made him appear warm and friendly, much like Jim Carrey’s character in Bruce Almighty. I thought that Bruce Almighty was based on Don Polec.

  9. Sheila Allen Stephens was my all time favorite features reporter. News is so dry and depressing with out features and it is unfortunate news directors dont value the reporters that make us laugh and smile. Fires, murders, and tragedies are not all people want.

  10. thedogatemyhomework

    No great loss. His stories aren’t especially clever and or witty. Really predictable and asinine. He’s a throwback to the early 80s when major markets did this kind of schtick. Airtime is so tight now, stations don’t have space for 1:30 of yucks from some funnyman in a newscast anymore. (Plus, I find the guy to have a face made for radio and downright annoying). Now, the kings of this style of feature reporting were Mory Alter in NYC and Mark ___ down in Miami. Great writers who didn’t just rely on doing a dopey stand up while reporting on the ‘Cowpie Contest’ story.

  11. Your question said reporter so I thought anchors didn’t count . Since we are throwing them in I would have to vote for Matt O in the morning on 6ABC.

  12. Kerri-Lee
    Alycia Lane – bring her back

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