My Memories of The Spectrum

After watching some of the Sixers’ final game at the Spectrum last night, it took me back to when I interned for PRISM Sports in the late 80’s.  PRISM was located in Room 10 at the Spectrum.  I remember running teleprompter and logging games for sports updates with Marc Zumoff, Larry Rosen, and Ken Adelberger.

Another benefit was getting to sneak a peak at some of the performers of the day doing sound checks such as Tina Turner and Genesis.


7 responses to “My Memories of The Spectrum

  1. That’s the one regret in life that I have is not being able to get PRISM. My mom couldn’t afford to get the channel in the first 5 years of cable in our house.

  2. Julius,
    I guess feeding you and keeping a roof over your head was more important to your mother then a 2nd rate cable operation.
    I don’t think your mom regrets it one bit. Sounds like your mom knew what was best for you.

  3. Adam, this was doing the 92-97 period.

  4. I think Julius meant to say “During the 92-97 period”.

  5. julius, why does the time frame have any effect on what i said?

  6. “julius, why does the time frame have any effect on what i said?” Because I had cable during the 1992-97 period and the only time I was able to see PRISM was on Fridays when comcast made the channel available for free but I admit I didn’t watch the channel that much and looking back, I should have watched the channel more often .

  7. i give up Julius….you are so dense……

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