Television Field of 64

It’s time for my annual Television Field of 64.  Feel free to send your picks to the comments section.  Picks are based on a combination of critical acclaim, ratings, and my opinion.  The show must be on the air now to be eligible.


(1)  Big Love
(16) Gossip Girl

(2)  Brothers and Sisters
(15)  Medium

(3)  The Mentalist
(14)  24

(4)  CSI
(13)  Damages

(5)  Desperate Housewives
(12)  Grey’s Anatomy

(6)  Battlestar Gallactica
(11)  Criminal Minds

(7)  NCIS
(10)  House

(8)  Lost
(9)  Friday Night Lights

(1)  The Office
(16)  Best Week Ever

(2)  Family Guy
(15)  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

(3)  Two and a Half Men
(14)  Chelsea Lately

(4)  30 Rock
(13)  The New Adventures of Old Christine

(5)  The Big Bang Theory
(12)  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(6)   How I Met Your Mother
(11)  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

(7)  The Simpsons
(10)  Saturday Night Live

(8)  Late Show with David Letterman
(9)  Jimmy Kimmel


(1)  American Idol
(16)  Top Chef

(2)  Dancing with the Stars
(15)  Keeping Up with the Kardashians

(3)  Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition
(14)  Tori and Dean:  Inn Love

(4)  Survivor
(13)  America’s Next Top Model

(5) The Amazing Race
(12)  Wife Swap

(6)  Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House
(11)  Supernanny

(7)  The Biggest Loser
(10)  Hell’s Kitchen

(8)  Celebrity Apprentice
(9)  The Real Housewives of New York


(1)  Oprah
(16)  Dr. Phil

(2)  The View
(15)  The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

(3)  Regis and Kelly
(14)  The Early Show

(4)  Good Morning America
(13)  The Insider

(5)  The Today Show
(12)  Martha

(6)  Ellen
(11)  Judge Judy

(7)  The Rachael Ray Show
(10)  The Price is Right

(8)  TMZ
(9)  Entertainment Tonight


6 responses to “Television Field of 64

  1. The Closer and Saving Grace are the best shows. I never miss them.

  2. Oh and I watched that great classic, The Hole in the Wall gameshow last night where people have to fit through the hole cut in the styrofoam wall. Now that’s for the mensa group! lol

  3. Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Price is Right and LIVE! With Regis and Kelly.

  4. Battlestar Gallactica, The Office, 30 Rock, ANTM, Regis & Kelly, TMZ

  5. I thought all tv ceased when The Sopranos ended.

  6. me too. tv ceased with tony’s fade out. bring on the movie!!

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