What The H is Going On at Fox29?

We keep getting unfavorable reaction to Hugh Douglas on Fox29.  We were copied on this email that was sent to Fox29 Sunday:

“Please reconsider the decision to put Hugh Douglas on the air.  He is out of his league.
This evening on the “Selection Sunday” show, he said the following
“I like Morgan State to beat Oklahoma.  I dont know anything about Morgan State, but I like their colors”
“I forget the name of the young man who played all those minutes for Syracuse the other night”
These are totally unprofessional and show that he is NOT ready to be on the air.

Mr Douglas also made the mistake of calling each NCAA “region” as a “conference”.
Please please get this guy off the air.
A soon to be ex-viewer.”


16 responses to “What The H is Going On at Fox29?

  1. Hugh Douglas is even worse than Emmitt Smith was on ESPN. He’s cluless. The person that hired this fool should be fied as soon as possible. Becasue that person has no clue on how to pick on air talent. Douglas doens’t know anything about sports that are not football, and he can’t comand the English launguage.

  2. None of this surprises me. He is clueless on-the-air.

  3. I stopped watching them when Dorothy Krysiuk
    left. I do not miss the station. Laura what is
    the chance we will ever see Dorothy again on
    local television. I have been watching Married
    with Children on TBS in the morning now.

  4. FOX 29 news is really bad. I think they should just drop news period on the station.

  5. FOX is a Hot Mess.

  6. As Jackie Martling would say,”Give Hugh anudder chance!”

  7. You want another Dorothy, check out John Ogdens replacement at NBC10, Jillian Mele…she’s smooth flowing and looks good too.
    Give her an anchor job!

  8. He was on this morning. Was doing a “feature” on fried cheese.

    (Silly topic, but thats another story)

    Jen Frederick would have nailed this piece. Hugh flubbed his lines, his interaction with the guys frying the cheese was awful.

    Did anyone else see this garbage?

  9. I agree with Vincent about Jillian Mele. She is a real plus to the NBC10 team. She has national potential, and is all but two years out of school.

    Regarding Hugh, he is a local fan favorite. Fox news has a more regular people feel to the program. Douglas doesnt seem to have enough interest to take his role seriously. He does seem to fit in the Fox29 news format well. They seem like real people with personality. Douglas clearly needs to take it up a notch if he is going to be a long term player at Fox29.
    When will Dorathy come back from a noncompete, and where will she land?

    Just my perspective, and you did not have to pay anything for it, so that may be of value in this economy.

    Berwyn Bob

  10. Julius you are the SportsJerry of thePhilly tv/radio world….

    stop telling us what you think unless you can back it up.


  11. If anyone continues to watch local TV newscasts, they get what they deserve. A complete waste of airtime and time. And yes, local TV management thinks what’s left of its entire viewing audience has an IQ in single digits. These folks simply do not get it – we no longer live in a world where local TV news matters. It does not! Very few folks under 30 even watch TV, their video consumption is online. We are our own program directors, no need to tune in when they tell you to. In fact, no need to tune in to a FOX 29 at all with the many news and entertainment options available today.

  12. I can understand how FOX29 could see Hugh as an analyst for football post-game shows, or as a football expert when needed, but in the capacity he’s being used, he is out of his league.

    Local TV news does matter, Dunn. If it didn’t matter, why would people come on here and complain and comment as much as they do? I am 29. I do not use TV news as a place to get all my news. I use it to find out about some of the local news I don’t find as often online and as a place to find out about news stories. I then go online and look up what I want to know more about.

    Frankly, I like to see local people make it big on TV news. Unfortunately, Hugh Douglas is not the one.

  13. I listen to WIP quite a bit, and I personally have never thought Hugh Douglas was any good at that. I have to question the judgment of whomever decided to put him on the air in this capacity.

    Really amateur hour.

  14. Vincent,

    I have been leaning towards Jillian Mele. She is
    pleasant to watch and you are right. A major improvement to NBC 10. I am still holding out
    hope for Dorothy to make a comeback.

  15. As usual, Julia makes a great point. I can also see WHY Fox29 thought Douglas would be a good fit. And he does seem to have that “personality” trait. But as Bobby mentions, he is just awful.

    He provides NO analysis about the game he played. He cannot talk strategy. He never explains anything. And cannot tell a story.

    Look at the other ex-jocks on WIP. Keith Jones, Mitch Williams, and especially Ike Reese bring so much to the table.

    They tell stories. They have anecdotes. They explain thing. One night, Ike spent 10 minutes on the role of the “gunner” on the punt coverage team. That’s great stuff.

    Douglas gives NONE of that. As the emailer pointed out, he fumbles his words and is constantly forgetting names. As pointed out before, he is not prepared whatsoever. And even worse, he has not gotten better.


  16. “The Cuz” – Anthony Gargano will probably be
    more prominent in sports coverage in the weeks to came. He takes a little getting used to, but when you realize its really him from WIP – he really knows his stuff.

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