It’s Official – Cherie Bank Leaving NBC10

NBC10 health reporter Cherie Bank, who has been off the air for over a year and a half due to an eye ailment is signing off the air for good.  Bank began at the station in 1978.  A salute to Bank will begin Thursday on the 4 p.m. news.


7 responses to “It’s Official – Cherie Bank Leaving NBC10

  1. Eye ailment? Sure she wasn’t forced to sit at home by NBC because how can you have such an UNhealthy person giving the health reports?

  2. That’s a real shame. She’s a good reporter and seems like a nice person.

  3. Cherie was a very good reporter and anchor and a great smile. She looked really great in the 80’s but I was surprised that she put on so much weight over the last 10 years. I think Tracey Davidson is the anchor with the most seniority now. Wow, how time flies. I bet Tracey doesn’t stay too much longer.

  4. Terry Ruggles and John Blunt have the most seniority with Tim Lake and Renee Chenault right behind them.

  5. Doug Shimell is up there in seniority too.

  6. It’s a shame.. I wonder if the eye ailment would lend itself to a self -expository health information piece? Perhaps it is too personal to deal with at this time.

  7. Classy, WeatherNerd. Really, really classy. Hurl insults…no wait, flat-out lies, all the while hiding behind the safety of your ID.


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