One Story From the Post CN8 World

Here’s one story of  how a laid-off television professional is dealing with today’s job climate:

The Miami Herald
March 18, 2009

BALANCING ACT: Surviving on severance pay is no easy task


A Good Idea: Leslie Padilla and Beth Nelson do some
networking over lunch at Cafe Sambal in the Mandarin
Oriental Hotel in Miami.

Leslie Padilla isn’t ready to resort to another career but she is making some drastic changes as her severance money dwindles. Padilla had been with Comcast six years when she was laid off in January. The public relations professional says it took her two months, while still employed, to digest the news. But as a single mother living on five months’ severance pay, she has moved into action.

She came up with a budget and pared expenses — way down. She cut her nanny to part time, sharing her with another laid-off mom. She also moved in with her mother and swaps hand-me-downs with friends. Her nights are devoted to job hunting online.


One thing Padilla refused to cut was the cost of networking. She regularly takes contacts to lunch and attends networking events. And she has taken advantage of the career counseling service Comcast provided to update her resume and print business cards at her former employer’s expense.

“It was hard to get my head around it at first, but I have to plan for a long transition phase,” she says. “At this point, it’s about riding it out.” 

To reach Leslie, email her at


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