Phillies’ Broadcast Team Unchanged For 2009

Although Chris Wheeler and Scott Franzke worked together on the radio for some of the Phillies game  Sunday, that won’t be the case during the regular season.

Phillies’ manager of broadcasting, Rob Brooks said the broadcast pairings of last year will be the same – Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen on radio and Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler on TV along with Tom McCarthy and Gary Matthews.


17 responses to “Phillies’ Broadcast Team Unchanged For 2009

  1. Phillies broadcast teams are not what they used to be. Last year’s TV pairings were awful and it appears this year will be much of the same. I like Tom McCarthy, but they got to stop the meaningless reporting during the game.

    We miss you Whitey!!

  2. Franzke and LA are tremendous on the radio. LA didn’t even try to pretend that he was non-partisan during the playoffs last year. His hootin’ and hollerin’ were awesome…especially considering that he’s not a Philly native. I agree on the TV team. Wheels has become tolerable but in small doses. I would have liked to have seen Harry go out on top and hang it up after last season…his best is behind him. Tom McCarthy is the heir apparent to Harry and they have no idea where to park him while waiting for Harry to sign off…but the random reports from the stands aren’t working. And Sarge ? Good work if you can get it. Not sure what he brings.

  3. I miss Whitey too, but I have to say Gary Mathews has grown on me. I never thought he was as bad as some seemed to early last year, but I think he improved a lot as the year went on.

  4. I agree that Matthews has improved quite a bit, and hopefully that will continue this season.

  5. Harry has been slipping for years. Sorry to say it, but its true.

    Wheels, although a bit grating, is quite knowledgeable. Knows the game and the players better than most. Still I think he says “Fast Ball, Middle In” a bit too much.

    TMAC – Good enough for now.

    Franzke – Quite good. Give him props for having to put up with LA.

    LA – Bit of a yokelberry in the booth.

    Sarge – Improving well.

    Thank goodness Hugh Douglas is not on the team…

  6. I can’t believe that the got rid of Scott Graham a few years back. He has yet to find a steady job doing baseball since, even though his name had been brought up for a few open positions, while ultimately being passed over. He is still my favorite guy in sports broadcasting in Philly. He can do anything and everything. He does, however, still do stuff for Comcast Network, A10 basketball and football, and does some voiceover stuff for NFL Films and advertisements. I wish he was still with the Phillies, though.

    Interestingly enough, one of his homerun calls was chosen for one of those stupid Phillies talking bottle openers that came out a few years back. It’s a great call.

  7. there’s no personality with the tv team. at least franzke & LA have personality.

    Wheeler just grinds stats at you night after night….no personality and he never played, so he offers no good stories. While I’m not a fan of Matthews, at least the guy played and doesn’t just toss meaningless numbers at you left and right.

    You know Schilling just retired…..

  8. I never understood why you have to be a former Jock to be in the booth. Just becasue you played doens’t mean that you are going to be a good analyst. Look at the TV careers of Hugh Douglas, Emmitt Smith, etc. They were great players, but when it came to doing TV analysis they were dopes. I agree that Gary Mathews is improviing, but becasue he played the game and Wheeler didn’t, that doesn’t mean that Sarge is more qualified to be on TV than Wheeler does it? Yes, Wheeler at time can be a bit of a gasbag, but he knows the game. Just becasue you’re a former Jock should not give you an automatic seat in the booth.

  9. The remote shots around the stadium are a JOKE! I think I’ve seen more of Tmac in one season than I did of Harry in the last 20 years! The RPhils had a very good TV team when Comcast covered them, Randy and Chuck! Bring them back!

  10. i’m not saying all jocks should be in the booth – because you’re correct, some are dreadful. but what i am saying is that wheeler has nothing to add to the broadcast other than stats and after a while it just becomes boring. athletes who are good on air can add stories and personal experience to the broadcast. It’s not all about stats, there needs to be an entertainment factor. Also, it helps if they’re all friends, which is clearly not the case in Philly.

    Color commentators like Whitey Ashburn, Phil Rizzuto for the Yankees, even Rex Hudler currently for the Angels bring entertainment and a personality to the game. More like watching a game with friends than for the ‘statistics factor’. It has to be a balance.

  11. That is why Wheeler should only do play by play, and not commentary. I’ve always liked him as a play by play man, but I agree with everything said about him doing commentary. He adds nothing to the broadcast in that capacity. He’s a great play by play man, and has been for years in Philly.

  12. Keep up the assualts on Douglas.

    Maybe programming types at WIP
    and Fox29 will get the hint that
    this guy is a complete buffooon.

  13. Scott Graham is working for XM/Sirius co-hosting the morning show on HomePlate175/210 with Buck Martinez.

    I have always enjoyed his commentary over is pxp. IMO, he is suited for a radio show.

  14. I agree that color anaalyst should have a personality during a telecast, but they also need to bring some insight. And if Gary Mathews’ insights of his playing days consist of bringing up JR Richard about 50.000 times during a telexast that’s not insight at least to me. In the couple of season that Sarge has been with the Phils announcing crew, he has mentioned JR Richards’ name so often that its becoming annoying. Srge why don’t you tell me what Ryan Howard , Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins are doign wrong at the palte, instead of another dopey JR Richard story. That’s why you’re in the booth for — to bring insight.

  15. The phillies had a real good guy coming up through the minors maybe 5 to 7 years ago! He was very good, especially to keep you watching minor league baseball, that’s really saying something! You need some balance and not sure if anyone on the current broadcast team has that?

  16. Get Wheels outtathe booth!!Yes he knows the game, but he has NO personality! Hates it when the Phanatic comes into the booth. I put LA and Franzke on and turn down the sound when he’s in the booth!!

  17. Luvya, Harry…Miss Ya badly. Perhaps, someday, somewhere, we’ll meet again.

    Rest in peace, gentle soul.


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