I wanted to let everybody know about a new website called  Here’s the official release:


New Interactive Website for Delaware County Businesses and Residents

MEDIA, Pennsylvania (March 26, 2009)

Delaware County businesses and organizations may post their events and news to the new website,, which launched in February 2009.

“We built it because we saw a need”, said Jennifer Kennedy, manager  “As people turn to each other for community in tough economic times, we had an idea to try to make it a little easier.”  

Today, is infused with tools to share events with friends with an easy e-mail button as well as plenty of social bookmarking links such as Digg, Newswire, Facebook and Yahoo.  The calendar website was optimized for Delaware County local internet searches and is doing well in the rankings.

Events are organized in categories, ranging from performing arts to business, fitness to shopping, and seniors to kids, and when you post events you can choose all that apply.  Email alerts are also organized by category.

Taking a “grass roots” approach, also offers opportunities for sponsorships. provides a community resource for local happenings throughout Delaware County.  Visit the website to start receiving the email newsletter and find out what’s happening in Delaware County.

Contact Jennifer Kennedy via email at or call 484-478-0564.


4 responses to “ Launched

  1. why should, i care, Laura. Are you getting free
    advertising from this site. TAKE THIS OFF, now.
    I thought this site, Laura is for media news, NOT
    business related news. GET WITH IT LAURA.

  2. Sorry. I should’ve put a disclaimer that I knew this had nothing to do with Philly TV and radio, but I wanted to give a plug for this site.

  3. Laura – I’ve asked a few times before but can you take a look at the arbitron ratings and see what kind of improvement Mike Missanelli has garnered himself……and against Eskin? Thanks.

  4. what Duke said–I’m very curious about this myself. Thanks!

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