Eskin vs. Missanelli

I’ve received a few emails regarding the battle between WIP 610-AM’s Howard Eskin and ESPN 950-AM’s Mike Missanelli from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Although, overall WIP holds a substantial lead in the ratings for the rest of the day, Missanelli is giving Eskin some competition. 

We are hearing that he is beating Eskin in the younger male demographics (18-34) and sometimes beats him in the overall ratings.

However, Howard still continues to lead in the overall ratings the majority of the time.

As for the rest of the day, it is absolutely no contest as the mixture of ESPN’s shows and local shows are not registering with the Philly audience.

Of course, many remember the awkward pairing of Eskin and Missanelli in the afternoon years ago on WIP.

Since then, Eskin has continued on WIP, while Missanelli bounced from mid-days on WIP to WMMR (remember the Philly Guys?), back to WIP, to ESPN radio in NYC, then to WPEN.


18 responses to “Eskin vs. Missanelli

  1. You’re missing another WIP stint between WMMR and 1050 ESPN in New York. That WIP stint is when he threw a punch and got fired.

    Oh, and that was the Philly Guys, not Sports guys, though it was Missanelli, Joe Conklin and Vinny the Crumb…

  2. Thanks for this update. I’m delighted Howard is getting knocked down a peg or three. Maybe they’ll even put something on WIP during that time slot I can stomach tuning into from time to time.

  3. Eskin is a mess. The blonde dye job, fur coats, rolex and jewelry bling….disgusting!! He does work hard and I’ll give him his props but he has had a few stumbles along the way. The Sports Rock show with DeBella on WMMR, communicating online with a woman he thought to be a 25-year old ex-Penn State cheerleader (we all know how that turned out) and now Missanelli nipping at his heels. I wish that 950 could chuck the ESPN stuff, lure a few people over from WIP (Ike Reese, Rueben Frank….sports talk is basically Eagles/football talk) and go local vs. local!!

  4. When Andy and Marc let Howiard release him, who is on the bench? I HATE Ike Reese at night.
    Would like Brian Starstare, but he yells into the radio. So does Schwartzman on 950. Both stations have aging hosts. Hate folks did anyone hear Mike Miss do their sports update on Tues night around 7:20. WOW!!!! did he suck. Next I hear Jody and Harry will doing Villanova football in Sept.

  5. I was scaptical about Mikey Miss joinging 950, becasue I remember when Eskin and Miss were paired together back in the day. And I thought that Mickey might be like Eskin sceaming and yelling and hanging up on callersr, but after listening to Mickey Miss since his return to town, I could nto have been more wrong. He is nothing like Eskin. He u nlike Howard, lets callers share their view points nad doens’t hang up on caller or call them names. Its refershing to listen to the 3PM to 7 PM again. Howard Eskin is animroad.

  6. Sorry, Eskin is a nimrod.

  7. Time to get younger in Philadelphia…The radio is old and tired

  8. I don’t know why anyone would actually call Eslin’s show. For what? To be called a dope or a moron? I guess the people that call Eskin’s show have eitehr no brains or like to be called names adn don’t mind that their view pont ddoesn’t come acrosss the radio. And for those people that waste theri time calling or listening to Eslin, I fell sorry for you. You can listen to someone else that doens’t question you’re intellegance every single time. Thank God Mickey Miss is down the dial.

  9. Missanelli is the only sports show in town I can stomach. WIP and WPEN need to take lessons from WFAN in NY. I’m a Philly sports fan, but I listen to more FAN than anything else. It’s just higher quality.

  10. Sports radio in Philly IS old, tired, and not listenable, and this is coming from as big a sports fan as anyone, and from someone who works in sports media. There is nothing compelling. Nothing. This market simply does not like change which puts itself at at a disadvantage over other more progressive (digital) cities in the country. But evolution is needed as we head towards the second decade of the 21st century. By the end of the next decade, audio entertainment will not be transmitted by frequency, but almost exclusively digitally and non-music programming will be in a more niche format. I would be shocked if companies such as CBS’ radio division(Dan Mason) and Greater Media (Peter Smyth) are successful in that evolution, or if they’re not going to have new ownership by then, or if they’re still going to be in business period, they have proven not to be up to the challenge at this point. And…ask their sales staffs how 1Q fared.

  11. What ever happened to that sportschatter show on 950am. Was new and fresh from all of the old retread programs on sports radio. Miss it! local stuff!

  12. my_toes_have_fungus

    OK Now I see it !
    Eskin has too many commercials..I put on ESPN Note to WIP – reduce commercials!!

  13. The reason why everyone is switching from Eskin to Mikey Miss is simple, Eskin is a dirt-bag. The poeple that lsiten to Eskin’s show in my opinion, want to be demined. Becasue if they didn’t, they wouldnot listen to that garbgage of a show.

  14. Sorry, demean.

  15. Why does WIP not try to get a little younger? It is obvious that Eskins act is on its last legs!

  16. Ike will take over the whole show real soon

  17. i loved ike’s show when it followed howard in the evenings. now, i can’t listen to him because of eskin. how is ike doing? i would love it if he got his own show back.

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