Time for 3, 6, 10, and 29 to Care About Sports Again

Now that Villanova will be going to the Final Four, the local stations will jump on the bandwagon and pretend they care about sports again.

Just stick with Comcast SportsNet with Dean’s Lister Neil Hartman.


6 responses to “Time for 3, 6, 10, and 29 to Care About Sports Again

  1. Of if you want to cringe, pop over to Fox 29 and watch Hugh Douglas.

    He fumbled his way thru his comments
    again last night on the 10pm news cast.

    Quickly becoming one of the all-time worst sports person EVER.

  2. I can’t stand when newscasters pretend to care about sports. Becasue the more they talk about it, like they know what’s going on the more the come across as phonies. Sstop it. Because if this nit-wits during tthe newscast cared about sports, their sportscast in the news would not be less than 2 minutes long.

  3. To say the least, seeing the weakest sports reporters covering such a big story is painful. Even worse, Gary Papa remains absent from all of the March Madness coverage. Not to speculate, but that’s not a good sign.

  4. Where do you think this non-caring attitude towards sports comes from? Is it because of the internet? Is it because of Comcast Sportsnet? Is it because of ESPN? Or is it because these newscasts and the people producing them are so out of touch that they only seem to care when the bandwagoners jump on the story?

  5. Even though they aren’t really Philly at least WFMZ-TV will devote five or six minutes (sometimes up to seven or so on weekends) to their sportscasts if they need to.

  6. Well, during the high school sports season, the news on WMGM from Atlantic City (which I’m happy to be able to watch on DirecTV now, so I can finally watch letterboxed versions of programming) broadcasts at least 5 or 6 minutes of sports. Unfortunately, they forget that they’re part of the Philadelphia market (kinda), and should cover a bit of Philly sports. Not even a mention of a Flyers score or Phillies spring training. I haven’t watched in a while, but I usually watch after ER on Thursdays. So, I’ll see if they have jumped on the Villanova bandwagon or not.

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