David Boreanaz The Latest Celeb Caught Cheating

Boreanaz is the son of former 6ABC personality, Dave Roberts.


7 responses to “David Boreanaz The Latest Celeb Caught Cheating

  1. Did David Boreanaz ever have something going on with Erin O’Hearn before she met the guy she reported on?

    That was always an underground rumour from Philadelphia Weekly…

  2. Dave Roberts is a beloved personality and a nice man. He does not deserve to be slammed in any way in the papers or online due to the actions of his son David. People, Let David and his wife handle this by themselves and STAY OUT OF IT!!! We don’t need another tiger woods copycat nor do we need another fan on the field!

    to the tune of pants on the ground…

    Fans on the Field, Fans on The Field, I’m so SICK of watching the Fans on The Field! Play Ball!

    3 and 6 Fan!!! Go Phils!

  3. Robert - 6abcFan

    First, John Edwards, then Tiger, then Jesse James and now Dave Robert’s Son! I was saddened when I heard this story break the news on Good Morning America. Although, the report did mention that he spoke-out about his affair instead of getting caught first un-like Edwards or Woods.

  4. You, Mr. WJ, are totally misinformed. As for PW, just an ad rag.

  5. It was PW’s story, not mine….

  6. I’m all for civility, but I must say
    Nick W…..relax. No foul here.

  7. It was kind of funny when Tiger mentioned Boreanz’s name as a fantasy participant with one of his (Tiger’s) mistresses…but when you discover that Boreanz was doing it for real and cheating on his wife, there wasn’t much to laugh about. It’s a shame because he seemed like a decent guy from a very nice family. He still may be such a person deep down. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of believing the Hollywood hype; thinking he could do whatever he wanted to with some slimy twinkie with total immunity.

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