Former Fox29 Newsman George Mallet Update


15 responses to “Former Fox29 Newsman George Mallet Update

  1. George is a class act, a good sport and a cool guy.

  2. George Mallet: Another solid anchor who was shooed away by the station in favour of others bozos such as Steve Keeley, Mike Jerrick, and Jennaphr Frederick.

    George is a no nonsense straight up honest guy. The folks in Milwaukee are fortunate to have him. Instead Philadelphia is left with the aforementioned clowns.

    Shame on FOX29

  3. Huddleston should have been the lead anchor.

  4. Robert - 6abcFan

    I don’t know who casts people at FOX29, but it is obvious that they do not know what they are doing. Please bring back Dawn and Dave! I’m not a big fan (but nor do I despise) Kerri-Lee and Thomas.

  5. George is a class act! It’s dam shame the station continues to throw out the weak talent that I can’t understand what they see in most of the talent on the morning show……Ms. Frederick is a JOKE!

  6. time to move-on from halkett & drayton. way toooooo dramatic. the are better actors than newspeople

  7. Stephanie Flanders

    I remember when George was doing all of those stories about racehorses. I loved them. I even remember him standing in that big field with Secretariat’s grandson and rubbing the little star on his forehead. I think it is so cool that he ended up with that horse. I hope he comes back to Philly and brings his horse with him! But he looks pretty happy where he is.

  8. It’s a shame KYW didn’t hire him for the CW Philly 57 edition of Eyewitness News at 10pm
    Put Dave Huddleston on at 4 where he belongs!

  9. Fox29 should also cut the cord with Hugh Douglas .

    Douglas is clueless, uninformed, and poorly prepared most times he appears on the air.

  10. Hey Whacky, meet me tonight at 12:30 am underneath the Ben Franklin bridge.

  11. Dont mees w/my boy Hugh! Got your back, HD

  12. Fox intends to keep HD. Just because of name recognition and his WIP gig. He knows it, and thats the reason he is always to ill prepared. Plus, its no secret that he is surly & lazy.

  13. Lazy? My boy is everywhere. Works harder than you.

  14. “No secret”=unsubstantiated gossip.


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