Phillies Telecast Change

Because of the Flyers’ playoff schedule, Monday’s Phillies game will move from Comcast SportsNet to The Comcast Network.

Verizon subscribers can now see The Comcast Network on Channel 99.


19 responses to “Phillies Telecast Change

  1. Laura, can you ask Rob Brooks, Phillies Director of Broadcasting about them alternating their radio play-by-play lineup with Scott Franzke and Jim Jackson. I think their using one guy 3 or 4 inning and the other the rest of the game. This week at least I’m hearing one guy in the first couple inning and the next nite the other guy the first couple inning. Laura, this sounds like a permanent change. In my opinion, Brooks doesnt read your blog/website
    because this breaks the GREAT chemistry between Franzke and Anderson. Or else and apparently so doesnt care about the bonding of the two people. With Jackson just because he filled in for Franzke for a week’s worth of games doesnt mean he has a qualified baseball voice.

  2. What does Rob Brooks’ job entail besides putting together the lineups for the radio and TV broadcasts?

    What else does he do behind the scenes?

    Is he involved with production meetings?

    What are his credentials and qualifications to perform this job? Has he ever broadcasted?


  4. Why was my post deleted? (and CONNECTED’s allowed to stay?)

    I had questioned why the Phillies feel the need to switch announcers every few innings.

  5. Well, after all my talking, I need a break. I also like to roam around and meet the chicks from my fan club.

  6. Tom! You don’t get a break. You do all nine innings. Chris does 1-3 and 7-9, while Gary does 4-6.


  8. Can someone please answer my question about Rob Brooks?

  9. WJ, the broadcasting rotation is detirmined by the Phillies front office. Brooks just executes the orders.

  10. Good start, but what else does he do for the other 364 days of the year?

    Is he involved with production meetings?

    What are his credentials and qualifications to perform this job? Has he ever broadcasted?

    I have no idea what Brooks really does

  11. Nor do you need to, if you’re not his employer.

  12. I am not asking for the recipe to Coke or the codes to the missiles.

    I am merely curious as to what the “Director of Broadcasting” entails.

    Maybe someone like Marv or Hal Sacks knows.

  13. WJ: Brooks backround began @ WIP as a producer/call screener. Similar job at 1210.
    Aside from executing the orders of the front office, he lines up the guests for the various shows. Sets up the broadcast in both the booth & down on the field.

  14. I was just reading IBD here in Milwaukee on our day off and I came across Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most famous and best directors of all time. The link below will tell you what a director’s job is:

  15. Connected – Excellent answers. Thats what I am looking for.

    Merely trying to understand what the job entails on a daily basis.

  16. Is the Director of Broadcasting responsible in anyway for bringing back the television play by play team every year?

    While most of the current players are okay interviews, the only one I’d like to see doing commentary some day is Jimmy Rollins.

    In the late 70s, you didn’t have to be a genius to realize the personalities and perspectives of catcher T McCarver and southpaw T McGraw could work on TV.

  17. Hugh Douglas should be doing baseball.

  18. Hugh Douglas didn’t know the name of replacement shortstop for the Phillie.

    I guess a quick google search, or perhaps watching a few innings is asking too much from this useless poorly prepared lazy sloth.

  19. New Phils shortstop, HUGH da man DOUGLAS

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