Serio Signs New Deal

Fox29 confirmed that Sue Serio signed a new contract with the station a couple of months ago.

Within the last year, Serio’s husband, sportscaster Bill Vargus was dropped from the station, and Serio was moved to the 4:30 a.m. starting time on “Good Day Philadelphia,” as well as given the Saturday night shift.


18 responses to “Serio Signs New Deal

  1. Denise Saunders

    She better had!!!

    Or i was gonna kick their butt!!!

    lol, j/k

    But Glad she’s still on there. She needs to be on the afternoon news or something, the hell are they putting her on the crack of dawn shift for?

  2. good things happen for good people

  3. Good for Sue. Now if they can only get rid of Drayton. I can’t stand his phony acting. The way he points that pen, leans back in his chair like he’s some national anchor….makes my skin crawl.
    Kerri Lee doesn’t bother me that much, but Drayton, please go!

  4. Did my comment disappear?

  5. WJ, Sure did, along with mine.

  6. mine too!

  7. Seems about right.

  8. Back to you hole.

  9. Sounds like the new website (which is really the old website) still has some problems.

    So much for QA testing

    Laura please advise

  10. Billy V is currently doing the Mr. Mom thing.

  11. Can we get the other bozos there (Jerrick, Keeley, and Frederick) to also do the Mom thing?

    Stazak thank goodness is on the way out.

    They need to get rid of these stiffs

  12. Too bad for us, but Fox inteands to keep the “bozos.” They accept below market wages.
    It’s all about the $$ in local newscasts.

  13. Sadly these bozos are here to stay.

  14. What? A business being about the bottom line? Who ever ran a successful venture that way?


  16. Ah, the pinnacle of mature debate; as always, a clever rejoinder from disconnected. It would appear, then, you can’t actually dispute the business logic that continuing to actually run a business does require attention be paid to the bottom line.

  17. I want to watch him, shoot himself.


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