Salute to Malcolm Poindexter

The Broadcast Pioneers will salute the late Malcolm Poindexter of KYW3, Wednesday, May 19th at the Bala Golf Club at noon during its monthly luncheon. 

Trudy Haynes will moderate the panel of Pat Ciarrocchi, Robin Macintosh, Mike Quinn, Marciarose, Dick Standish, and Gene Crane.

Poindexter, the region’s first African-American television reporter, died March 30 at the age of 84.


2 responses to “Salute to Malcolm Poindexter

  1. This salute is well deserved!

    MP was one of the all time greats in this city.

    I am sure the A-List panelists (I always enjoyed Gene Crane ) will give him the wonderful praise he most certainly deserves.

    MP was a true pioneer and blazed the trail for many.

    Malcolm is missed by everyone but will never be forgotten

  2. Malcolm, a great man.

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