Flyers-Montreal Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the Flyers-Montreal series.  As you can see, Comcast SportsNet is shut-out of the game coverage.  

Game 1:Sun. May 16 Montreal @ Philadelphia 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 2:Tue. May 18 Montreal @ Philadelphia 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 3:Thu. May 20 Philadelphia @ Montreal 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 4:Sat. May 22 Philadelphia @ Montreal 3 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS

*Game 5:Mon. May 24 Montreal @ Philadelphia 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS

*Game 6:Wed. May 26 Philadelphia @ Montreal 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS

*Game 7:Fri. May 28 Montreal @ Philadelphia 7 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS


19 responses to “Flyers-Montreal Schedule

  1. More Phillies time for Jackson?

  2. Anyone know if any of these games will be on CSN, since it is co-owned by Versus? What are those of us who don’t get Versus supposed to do?

  3. Good time for Hugh Douglas to break into hockey coverage.

  4. TVNewslover, you have it backwards. Versus is owned by Comcast.

  5. Sorry, meant to say co-owned with Versus. But back to my question, does anybody know if CSN will have any of these games?

  6. Would be a good time for Hugh Douglas to be removed from his role on Fox29 . Douglas is out of his league, and his basic ineptitude and lack of general sports knowledge is apalling.

  7. TVNewsLover The Flyers vs Montreal series is exclusive to Versus. But I would guess CSN will re-air some of the games.

  8. Wacky Jack Could not agree with you more regarding Hugh Douglas. It is amazing that a station like Fox 29 would trot out someone with so little knowlage of general sports. It is painful to watch Douglas opine about sports that he clearly has no knowlage about. And Douglas doesn’t seem to care that he comes accross as a dope. And you wander why Fox 29’s sports department is in the dumper, becasue they hire nincompoops like Douglas.

  9. Wacky, why do you take every single post on Laura’s blog to take a shot a Hugh Douglas? You seem to have quite obsession with him. Here’s an idea. Hugh’s on WIP right now. Why don’t you call up the station and tell him how you feel about his anchoring and commentary? I’d love to hear his reaction to that.

  10. TVNL, The games against Montreal are either on Versus or NBC for next Sat 5/22 in the U.S., none on CSN-Philly. If you don’t get Versus you should complain to your TV provider, unless you only have broadcast TV and are not paying a provider. In that case, there’s no one to complain to (except for yourself perhaps). BTW, this is the way it ought to be in the NHL post-season, games being broadcast on national carriers so that more people can watch than just having the games on CSN-Philly. Some people can not get cable or Verizon in the Philly DMA and therefore can not get CSN-Philly because they still refuse to put the signal on satellite services in the Philly DMA. Many people that wanted to watch the first two rounds had no choice and could not watch the games vs. N.J. and Boston.
    As to those complaining about WJ and his criticism of HD, why the grief? Isn’t that what this forum is for? If you don’t like his comments don’t read them, it’s that simple. And E, do you really think a producer on a radio talk show would clear that call for air? Never happen. BTW, anyone that watches FOX 29 gets what they deserve – awful content that insults one’s intelligence. It’s so simple, DON”T WATCH FOX 29 and you won’t be subjected to inferior content!

  11. Miguel nailed it

    Douglas has little knowledge about anything INCLUDING football.

    Today, he had no idea who Jaroslav Halak was. Yet somehow his employer thought he would be able to articulate something coherent about professional hockey.

    Douglas once again is ill-informed, poorly prepared, and comes off as a complete idiot who should NOT be on the air.

  12. Wacky Jack is great! His comments really liven up this place!

    Go Wacky!

  13. Funny how the alleged group of Fox 29 and Hugh haters always seem to tune in, instead of availing themselves of another option….like the off switch.

  14. B – I have RCN and while they do have Versus, it’s on a sports package (with NFL Network and a whole bunch of other stuff) that you have to pay extra for. I agree with you that all postseason games should be on national providers. The thing is that many cable providers do not carry Versus on their basic package. Also, I was under the impression that during the second round some games that were on Versus were also on CSNPhilly. Lastly, I faintly remember reading somewhere some kind of court decision that was going to force Comcast to make CSNPhilly available to all cable and satellite providers.

  15. Homer – The off switch works quite well, only after watching Douglas stumble and bumble his way with Latino names such as Ruiz, Castro, Bastardo, and Polanco. His ineptitude is remarkable

  16. Hugh, gonna come on here & kick some behind

  17. TVNL: Games that were on Versus in the 2nd rd. were blacked out on Versus in the Philly DMA meaning it was CSN-Philly or bust. So again, anyone that couldn’t get cable or FIOS because of where they lived in the market were out of luck because CSN-Philly is not available on satellite. Simply doesn’t make sense in the second decade of the 21st century not to be able to get the games if you choose to pay for them and want to decide how TV is delivered into your home. Absolutely backwards in the Philly DMA because of Comcast. Unfortunately, as you found out in this day and age much sports programming has become premium content, meaning you have to pay extra for a sports package, although since Comcast owns Versus, they make it available on the basic tier of some of their own systems. How convenient. The court decision concerning CSN-Philly and satellite providers is correct, however the two sides must reach agreement on per subscriber fees and a couple of other points according to my friend who works at DirecTV. I’ve patiently waited many years for this to finally happen, but I’ll believe it when I see it because Comcast stands to lose customers in the Philly DMA because of inferior service and less sports content choices than DirecTV. If you are a sports fan in Philly, other than CSN, there is simply no comparison DirecTV is far superior and Comcast knows that.

  18. Maceo – I doubt Hugh Douglas has the mental capacity to know about this blog.

    He is too busy pretenting to be an informed radio personality.

    Instead he comes on the air and mumbles his way sounding like an uneducated lazy fool.

    A good thought anyway.

  19. Hugh gettin some bad chat here. Look at Brother Homer, he got it goin on.

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