Fox All Access Host Has a Temple Past

Does anyone else remember Fox All Access radio show host Chris Leary’s past as the McGonigle Haller mascot at Temple?

The nationally syndicated countdown show airs Sunday mornings on Wired 96.5-FM.


2 responses to “Fox All Access Host Has a Temple Past

  1. The only Sunday radio which we listen to is The Livin Room with Sonny Hill.

    Old Sonny loves to throw down the names of the cats from his era

    Guy Rodgers
    Tee Parnham
    Hal Lear

    And then he gets his cronies on the air too such as Glen Ellis, who reminds the listeners to practice good health.

    A few calls trickle in. Inevitably the topic turns to Wilt Chamberlain.

    Then Sonny reinforces that “basketball is a TEAM game. with 5 people working TOGETHER, putting the TEAM above all”.

    Finally Sonny will throw in a plug or two for Bookbinders. “And man, I love those succulent SHRIMPS. MMMMM!”

    Who needs to listen to anything else ?

  2. Well Laura, I guess you and I are the only ones to remember, however I had to wear the cape and long underwear through all those games to lock it into my mind.
    Thanks for the memories!

    …that Sonny Hill show sounds like it might be a pretty good listen. I can’t believe Bookbinders is still around. I might come back and eat there now that I can afford it.


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