Lauren Wilson not on

According to one of our intrepid readers, Lauren Wilson is no longer on the 6ABC web site.  Not a good sign.   And as you can see, this is a recent enough version to include new reporter, Shirleen Allicot.


20 responses to “Lauren Wilson not on

  1. Another sista, replaced!

  2. Robert - 6abcFan

    I’m going to miss Lauren Wilson. She was a solid reporter with a good sense of humor every now-and-again. I wonder what kind of approach Shirleen Allicot brings to Channel 6.

    • Liza- 6abcfan Feb. 2, 2013 at 8:00 a. m. I really miss Lauren Wilson
      I looked forward to seeing her representing Wilmington De. really really miss her.

  3. One sista leaves, another one arrives.

    She now gets to cover the Wilmington crime scene

  4. No gain, as usual things just stay the same. Bring in a sista that makes less $$

  5. What about Denise James???

  6. Denise James : Classy, sharp, and professional. Good reporter.

    Hope she isnt leaving.

  7. WJ, If, Ms. James can get her contract bought out or permanet disablity, you have seen the last of her. Otherwise, stay tuned, it could get interesting.

  8. I will miss Lauren Wilson. She was a very good, professional, respected, and well rounded reporter. She covered the Delaware Bureau at Channel 6 really well. I will miss her.

    It’s also possible that Denise James or John Rawlins or both could be cut in the next few months.

    Although Channel 6 has been number 1 in the ratings for news for almost 35 years, they too are suffering, and that they still have to let some of their long time reporters go. It’s a shame.

  9. Would the station ever cut ties with Vernon Odom?

    Sure seems like his hours and reports are being cut.

  10. Whacky, Vernon requested his assignments be cut back last yr. He’s retiring at the end of his current deal. (2011)

  11. Hugh Douglas should replace Odom.

  12. Connected- Thank you. I was not aware that VO had requested the scaling back. I really like VO. Solid professional. Wish others in town would emulate him.

  13. Critics give Vernon a hard time for not memorizing his scripts and always reading off of his notepad…but I’m guessing that sources and law enforcement folks consider him the king. He’s the guy I’d want out there if “‘nobody’s talking”. I bet “nobody’d” tell him.

  14. Vernon is my main man.

  15. I was wondering where Denise James and Lauren Wilson have been. I hope it isn’t true that Denise James is no longer with the Station.
    I have been wondering where Lauren Wilson have been. I haven’t seen Denise James since a relative of hers was among the survivors of one of the tragedies. I Love Channel 6 and all of your reporters. It is so nice to see the comaradarie amongst all of them.

  16. I will miss Lauren and Denise. I’ve been a fan of 6abc for forever. They brought a sense of stability that I have grown to love. They both will be missed. I wish them both the best. Any employer who gets these ladies to work for them will have struck GOLD. You “go” ladies.

  17. i do not understand how the station, Channel 6, is struggling. why is it struggling financially, because it has a few extremely high-paid, on-air talent; such as, the TV anchorpeople and the longtime meteorologist? Back a few years ago, I read in Philadelphia Magazine that she made $750,000. Are you crazy? A job is a job, no matter how many different “segments” she does, and by segments I mean, additional to meteorology duties; i. e., Thanksgiving Parade. Channel 6, get a grip. Instead of firing, letting go, or buying out people or their contracts, REDUCE THE SALARIES of the anchors. NOBODY is worth that much money. NOBODY. I totally am unhappy about the face of Channel 6 news. They’ve got that new Brian Taff, with the “deeper” voice that is so very annoying. They have Jeff Skversky with that “whiny” voice with is so distasteful I have to turn it off every time he comes on. His voice hurts my ears. Channel 6 has so many young faces there that Jim Gardner really looks old. Appears as though the only seasoned reporters Channel 6 has kept are the ones who look very young, almost childlike. It’s really awful. As a 54 y. o. viewer who has watched Channel 6 since 1965, this station is not the one I watch every night. Very, very sad.

  18. d – couldn;t agree with you more about Skversky. His voice is so shrill and tinny that it hurts my ears! Worst reporting voice in the Philadelphia area. One more reason to pull the plug on Ch, 6

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