Wee Willie Weber Dead At 81


I remember Weber as the mid-day personality of the legendary WIP lineup in the 70’s with Ken Garland, Tom Moran, and Tom LaMaine.

Weber always did those Colonial Village live reads.


9 responses to “Wee Willie Weber Dead At 81

  1. Another one of the pioneers has passed.

    A sad day.

    Sadly, WIP now has the oppressive Gargano with his disgusting jock-sniffing tendencies.

  2. I wonder why he was called “Wee Willie”?

  3. Met Wee Willie at a Broadcast Pioneers college symposium when it was at channel 3. Very nice man who always had time to talk to people no matter who they were. He will be sorely missed!

  4. Good question from T-Mac. Maybe Director of Broadcasting Brooks has some insights on this topic?

  5. He was always a pleasure to listen to on the radio. He seemed like a really nice person.

  6. 3 & 6, was it the Future Broadcast Pioneers symposium in ’03? If so, coincidentally I was there too.

    I actually got to talk to him for the first time at length just a couple of months ago just before I ended my tenure at WSNJ. Couldn’t have been a nicer guy! Even as his health was failing him, he continued to have that larger than life/heart of gold personality. This market has lost a true giant the likes of which we’ll likely not see again anytime soon.

  7. “The 6 foot 5-1/2 inch Webber, affectionately known as “Wee Willie” (a nickname given to him by the wife of WFIL morning man and channel 10 weather man, Phil Sheridan)” – this from his Broadcast Pioneers Biography.

  8. Great knowledge from Hal Sacks.

    This board is lucky to have both Hal and Marv around — two of the “old school” guys who know what they are talking about.

  9. You are right. I’m sorry!

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