Hurricane Hissy Fit

Dan Gross has a good one about Hurricane Schwartz Tuesday.


20 responses to “Hurricane Hissy Fit

  1. This is nothing new. It doesnt always make the papers. I’m told, he’s like a lil school gal that pouts and stomps when he wants his way. Pathetic little man, he is.

  2. Petulant, immature, callous, and unprofessional.

    Did he drink some of the leftover Dimentri juice?

    Then again, this could be a good topic for the 10! Show.

  3. Bitch slap the bow tie!

  4. This is an easy fix.

    Give him the boot and hire David Aldrich.

  5. So he didn’t get his mug on TV as long. It isn’t like he didn’t get (over)paid.

  6. I agree with JT!

    If I was doing weather and just told to give the seven day forecast due to expanded one night election coverage I would be grateful because I would not have to talk as much and still be paid the same amount of money just for being on!

  7. Maybe he was upset that the lifeless Steve Highsmith got some additional airtime with his “election night insights”. Nevertheless, Hurricane is completely out of line with this unaccetpable behaviour.

  8. Robert - 6abcFan

    Maybe Hurricane was made because he had already prepared a “full” forecast for the night. He must have felt like all of his work went to waist.

  9. Slight correction here:

    I believe “Robert 6abcFan” meant to say “all of his work went to waste” rather than “all of his work went to waist”.

    Now, ff we were talking about former Channel 6 weekend plumper Jessica Borg, we would have said WAIST, rather than WASTE.

  10. Robert - 6abcFan

    Correct, sorry for that spelling error.



  13. Why thank you, Connected! Always appreciate your feedback.

    I am much obliged

  14. Dat Glennie needs hisself a woman, real bad

  15. Wacky Jack, I think you meant to say “if” in your first post, not “ff”.

    As for Glen, as smart as he may be, his on-air presentation is awful. He still stumbles sometimes as if it were his first day. I sometimes wonder what 10 was thinking when they made him their main weatherperson.

  16. I do not think having abbreviated coverage of sports & wx because of elections is a sign of the Apocalypse.

  17. Wanna see him have a real hissy-fit? Ask him about his ex-GF DonnaMarie that sent him a singing B’Day message at the station!

  18. WJ, don’t throw stones when you, yourself, live in a glass house. What word is ‘ff’? Oh, you meant ‘if’.

  19. What? Thay boy had a woman? Hard to believe, Harry

  20. over-hyped weather man…….get rid of him! enough already.

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