Flyers Programming

The local stations are jumping on the Flyers’ bandwagon of course. 

Comcast SportsNet will air the specials The Ultimate Goal and Behind Enemy Lines. 

The Ultimate Goal will feature Bill Clement, Al Morganti, Steve Coates, Rick Tocchet and John Boruk.

Behind Enemy Lines will utilize CSN Chicago’s resources for insight into the Blackhawks.

Go to for airtimes.

CBS3 will air “Flying to the Cup”  Friday at 7:30 then on CWPhilly at 10:30 p.m.  Beasley Reece hosts.  Flyers alumni players will provide commentary.

Fox29’s John Anderson will travel to Chicago to cover the away games.

In a related note, get yourself in the Stanley Cup mood with The Broad Street Bullies on HBO on Demand.

The games will air on NBC and Versus.


4 responses to “Flyers Programming

  1. Some questions:

    CSN chooses not to “promote” their alleged Flyers/NHL insider, Tim Panacchio. Any idea why?

    Beasley Reece to anchor the CBS3 coverage. Will he be clutching onto a hockey stick the way he does with his football during Eagles season? I like Beasley but that act is wearing thin.

    John Anderson to Chicago for away games? Take that Shredder, Stazak, puffed-up Cuz, and fraud fool Douglas! Proves the earlier theories that none are viewed as solutions for the station’s awful sports package. Anderson is sufficient, but not the most rah-rah guy around. On the bright side, at least they didnt send the other jokers (Keeley, Jerrick, and Frederick)

    Good roundup by Laura!

  2. Wow, Fox is sending John Anderson. That’s Fox 29 always top shelf.

  3. You’re forgetting NBC 10’s coverage which btw includes carrying the games.

  4. Sme people call me a ‘homer’. But man, that Steve Coates takes the cake.

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