Kristen Welker Leaving NBC10

We are hearing that NBC10 weekend anchor Kristen Welker is leaving NBC10 this week for a position as a reporter for NBC News.  The position is based in Los Angeles.


16 responses to “Kristen Welker Leaving NBC10

  1. Does she need a ride to the Airport?? No loss.
    Perhaps, Hugh should switch stations & go to the newsroom.

  2. Geez

  3. I think Kristen is sharp. She is solid in the field as a reporter, and she is on the mark as an anchor.

    I give K-Dub alot of credit for making a name on her own, rather than riding the coattails of her mother – who is also an exceptional woman.

  4. It’s been hard for me to watch her. She scares me with those tiny sharp teeth. Can’t get past it.

  5. Robert - 6abcFan

    Who is her mother Wacky Jack? I’m not that familiar with the NBC1o On-air Talent.

  6. Her Mother is Julie Welker – Real Estate Agent

    I am sure you have seen her signs all over town. She is a wonderful woman.

  7. I agree. She was pretty solid as weekend anchor. Perhaps this is an opportunity for NBC10 to shift one of their 50 million (okay, the real number is 6) weekday female anchors to the weekend (Denise Nakano or Aditi Roy come to mind to move).


  9. She is a Harvard Grad, so she is too sharp for the local scene. She did a fantastic job, without the inflated ego that some local personalities develop. This is a loss for NBC10, and I bet she never cohosted the 10 Show. Now that is a good way to save your dignity!!

  10. We miss Kirstin and heard her name on a report this morning out of Arizonia and are sorry to hear that she left NBC 10. She is a rising star and we look for her on MSN news in the furture.

  11. Just watched Kristen Welker in an informative and controversial segment on NBC Nightly News. It was an informative piece and and am happy that talent supercedes title and local political obstacles. Congratulations Kristen!

  12. I just watched Kristen Welker do a segment on Mel Gibson, from Los Angeles..on the today show. I think she is great… good for her!

  13. Not only is she smart but she is hot!!! Good luck to her

  14. Hot like Miss Piggy

  15. Brilliant, bright, and beautiful! What more could you ask? Oh you want nice too? Well she’s unbelievably nice. One of the most genuine people on the planet, in fact! You make us all very proud. Go gettum, Kristen!

  16. Kristen,
    We are so proud of you. You are a true professional and we wish you all the best.

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