May Sweeps Results

From 6ABC:

May TV Ratings (M-F, 4/29– 5/26)

 Time   Station / Show                            Households    Total Viewers (2+)

 5-7am WPVI – Action News Mornings        113,000                  127,000

News WCAU – NBC10 News Today                   63,000                    64,000

      WXTF – Good DayPhiladelphia            51,000                  56,000              

KYW – Eyewitness News                        48,000                    53,000

Noon  WPVI – Action News at Noon           222,000                     249,000

News KYW – Talk Philly                                         65,000                       74,000

            WTXF- Fox29 News at Noon                      32,000                       35,000

5pm    WPVI – Action News at 5                    200,000                     236,000

News WCAU – NBC10 News                                 74,000                       93,000

            WTXF- Fox29 News at 5                             59,000                       66,000

6pm    WPVI – Action News at 6                     226,000                      282,000

 KYW – Eyewitness News at 6                         104,000                      129,000

News WCAU – NBC10 News at 6                        81,000                      104,000

    WTXF- Fox29 News at 6                                   42,000                        48,000

11pm  WPVI – Action News at 11                    236,000                      300,000

KYW – Eyewitness News at 11               201,000                      259,000

News WCAU – NBC10 News at 11                    130,000                      161,000

On the most popular destination pages are slideshows and photo albums.

  • Monica Malpass’ Twins – a first look at her new baby boys tallied almost ½ million page views.  How popular was this photo album?  So popular, the promotion video was the most played video during the entire month!
  • The hockey bandwagon has officially entered Philadelphia!  The “Flyer’ed Up” Photo Album on has earned more than 100,000 page views thus far!
  • Other photo galleries topping 80k page views for the month include –
    • Hooters Worker Claims Weight Discrimination
    • MOVE Disaster Photos
    • Phillies Fan Tasered
    • Broad Street Run Photos

23 responses to “May Sweeps Results

  1. Overall, those numbers look so low. I am amazed to see how few people watch local news. Clearly the Internet didn’t just kill newspapers.

  2. TV News is all fluff & BS anyway. Newsreaders are now actors. Editorial sighing & breathing. Looks similar to Hollywood screen tests.

    Newspapers have no in-depth content. Just a bunch or blurbs strung together. Without sports, there would be no Daily News.

    The once venerable Inquirer is only fit for dog training, if that. All the top reporters have moved on.

  3. Jay – I will take the other side. I am shocked with how many people still watch the local news.

    With other venues to get info (online, internet, satellite radio) – why bother to watch? Channel 6 is the best at making things really sound important, and they deserve a ton of credit. But in the grand scheme of things, I really dont need to see Dann Cuellar reporting on another shooting in Nicetown-Tioga.

    Do I really need to see Kathy Orr read a weather report? and TWC are more than sufficient.


    So even though the #s seem low, I find it interesting that people still watch this.

  4. I agree with Wacky Jack – its crazy with all the resources to get news, weather, traffic, etc… that people still tune their TV’s to 3,6 and 10 to see the days events. I feel like its more of a habit right now. Come 10-15 years (if not less) news will become almost washed out – TV news, that is.

  5. I agree with the Whacker.

    Although — watching hometown TV is still a low effort alternative. Easy to click on with breakfast or dinner if you are bored. You certainly cancelled the Inquirer long ago and don’t have that to read.

    Appointment viewing? No way. Maybe the first block of 6’s noon or 11 pm show. Maybe.

  6. Some one in the crack WPVI PR department might check these numbers.

    Can it possibly be accurate that Action News at noon is drawing better household numbers than the 5 pm show and almost as many as the 6 and the 11?

    Who calculated them, investigator Brian Taff?

  7. Agreed WJ, can’t believe even that many people still watch local TV news. Absolutely horrendous programming that’s an insult to one’s intelligence, programmed by smarmy news directors who don’t give a rat’s tail about viewers. STOP WATCHING LOCAL TV NEWS and your life will be better for it. Plenty of other options to be informed and entertained on YOUR OWN schedule, with some examples pointed out in WJ’s post.

  8. Robert - 6abcFan

    It seems as though, comments 1-4 are not pleased with local tv news around town.

    CONNECTED & B – Where do you watch/listen to the news if you do not enjoy any of the local stations?

  9. Sorry, previous comment should be from B

  10. R6abcf-From interactive digital technology, not from traditional sources which dictate when you have to listen/watch. Don’t have time for that, need to do it on my schedule. Plenty of online sources where I pick and choose what I want to read by stories that interest me, different newspaper websites from around the country, specialized email newsletters, and from friends around the country who send me information I care about. Also receive email and text alerts with embedded links to news I want to follow. Weather and traffic easy to find online from numerous sources. Also contribute my own stories to online sites. Again I”ll say it: STOP WATCHING LOCAL TV NEWS and your life will be better for it.

  11. And the rest of us will say our lives our just fine without your oh-so-helpful (wah, they didn’t hire me) advice. 😉

  12. why am i always under moderation? sounds like racism

  13. Robert - 6abcFan

    B – You do not know if people’s life will or wont be better without watching local news. If there was no local news, than many people would be out of a job.

    Also, we receive a lot of accurate weather information from local news stations. They give us more information than those national news outlets. And if we stopped watching local news, than what about receiving sports updates. Sometimes, those on-line resources just don’t cut it. I want to hear a reporter speak and give the full incite.

  14. R6abcf, Please check my comment, I never said I get my weather from national news outlets but that weather information is easily available form numerous sources. And, where you do you think local TV news stations get their weather from? National news outlets. I have no problem with you or anyone else watching local TV news, I am simply giving MY opinion: DON’T WATCH LOCAL TV NEWS AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER FOR IT. You have a different opinion, I have no problem with that.

  15. Robert - 6abcFan

    B – I still wonder how our lives would be “better” if we don’t watch local tv news. Can you please explain?

  16. R-You will not have your intelligence insulted on a daily basis by fluff programming that’s designed to brainwash the masses with station propaganda, stories that someone else thinks is important for you, and in general, continue the dumbing down of America. You’ve got to understand what’s going through the minds of news directors at these stations. They don’t “care” about you as a viewer, their job is simply to get eyeballs to their programming no matter the “cost.” So today they will do anything to accomplish that goal, including stupid (but visual) stories and gimmicks that resemble a carnival barker asking you to step up and play a game to win a prize that you know is rigged, I’m sure you are a smart person that can make your own choices of what news and information is important in YOUR life, niche to you, not designed for a mass audience. By avoiding watching local TV news your life is better because you are not subjecting yourself to this type of human being who’s only objective in life is to be able to say “gotcha.” If you happen to be informed or entertained, that’s simply a by product. Do it yourself with all the technology that’s available to and you will come away self-satisfied. I hope that explains to you more clearly why your life will be better by not watching local TV news.

  17. Wow CBS3 in the mornings is in the tank – they keep firing the female anchors – whe n do they finally realize it’s Ukee?

  18. One of the stations should hire Dawn Stensland and Larry Mendte to anchor together. I would watch them

  19. Always so funny to read the broad, bitter generalizations with zero back-up to them, as to how all people in a particular group think, or what “type” of human beings they all are. Simple and utter nonsense.

  20. Ah, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  21. You’re quite right, as it appears to have wounded you deeply enough to sink to the level of irrational behavior where you can’t even recognize it in yourself. Kind of sad, really…well, it would be sad were it not good for a reliable laugh. Wait, I know….”everyone’s life will be better if they don’t watch the people who wouldn’t hire me.” Ah, good, good stuff.

  22. Keep pontificating falsities in life, I know it makes you feel better and it’s all you’re good for AH. STOP WATCHING LOCAL TV NEWS AND YOU’RE LIFE WILL BE BETTER FOR IT! And, indeed, it is good stuff! Glad you finally agree. We knew you’d come over eventually, they all do. Welcome to the club of local TV news haters. Catch you later.

  23. Finally, the confirmation that the ranting is petty jealousy. Don’t worry, I’m sure your audition tape is being put to good use holding up a wobbly table somewhere.

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