Save Our Soaps

As a longtime viewer of General Hospital, I am concerned about the ucpoming demise of SoapNet next year.

It’s just another blow to the genre, which has been on a slow death march for years

Can you think of other networks that have been canceled?

8 responses to “Save Our Soaps

  1. the nashville network
    court tv

  2. Here are a few more…

    Discovery Health will becom OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

    The WB/UPN is now The CW.

    Pax is now ION TV.

    Outdoor Life Network is now Versus.

  3. I’m not happy about this either. I watch Days of Our Lives on there a lot. Thank goodness Hulu still carries it.

  4. If it’s a blow to the soaps, it’s the viewers who delivered it. Keeping multiple distribution platforms for a genre that simply may be entering its final phases doesn’t make business sense.

  5. Noggin
    Odyssey Network
    Outdoor Life Network
    BET Jazz
    CNN SI Network

  6. There used to be “SportsChannel” which I believe was absorbed by regional entities such as NESN.

    And also CN8 which fizzled out and now has been reincarnated as ComcastNetwork. CN8 was pretty lame, as they tried to push bogus programming such as Steve Adubato’s show.

    Is “Comcast Newsmakers” still on anywhere?

  7. Adubato, now that’s a fraud. He just enjoys posing for any camera.

  8. Why is it STEVE mentions BET and he doesnt get moderated or deleted, yet i do??

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