American Idol/Ellen Thoughts

As we learn that this year’s American Idol finale was the lowest rated since the first season, I believe one of the main reasons was the mistake of making Ellen DeGeneres a judge.

Not only did it make American Idol worse, but it greatly dimished Ellen’s image. 

Before Idol, Ellen could do no wrong – popular talk show host, Cover Girl spokesperson, etc., but now she’s thought of as one of the reasons Idol went downhill.


10 responses to “American Idol/Ellen Thoughts

  1. Robert - 6abcFan

    I think it was because the show got old and the talent wasn’t as great as anticipated. I was excited to see Ellen be a Judge but I only watched the show once after the auditions and that was because I got tired of watching people sing week after week.

    Ratings just might be worse after Simon is gone.

  2. What did they expect? Replacing Paula w/that bland dopey looking Ellen.

  3. Laura, the reason why American Idol ratings dropped this season is plain and simple, The talent sucked. Did some of Idol’s viewers turn the hsow off because Paula left the show and was replaed by Ellen? Some might have. But to be fair to Ellen, Idol’s ratings have been slopping for the last couple of seasons. So, to blame her for Idol’s ratings decline would be unfair in my opinion.

  4. I don’t think Ellen had anything to do with the low ratings. I do agree with Laura…Ellen will probably get associated with the low ratings – however, the reason was the show is dying out. People are sick of the same old, cheesy seacrest and talentless singers. Every year its the same type of singers. Anyone that is somewhat different/interesting gets kicked off early on…or doesn’t win. Unfortunately I think its time for the show to move on.

  5. American Idol is and was just a fad, like Deal or No Deal. Now that Simon is gone and Ellen is just BORING, they should just hang it up and call it a show! What is needed is a show that is on every week for many years and doesn’t get old, like what American Bandstand was, we need a show like that on network TV again!

  6. I think if ellen and I were the last two people on Earth, I’d shoot myself.

  7. Charlie Manuel

    Hey Tom you wouldn’t have to go to all the effort. She’d do it for you.

  8. Tom, you can use my gun!

  9. American Bandstand? Seriously? Does anyone really think that would work again? It was fine for its time (and provided cheap filler on Saturdays when its real time was done). Welcome to 2010.

    Every show is a “fad”–they all get cancelled eventually. Coming up on nearly a decade? That’s a fad most shows would be lucky to emulate.

  10. Did someone really compare American Idol, the number 1 show in the nation for years, with Deal or No Deal? Wow, you really have a handle on the business. American Idol gets knocked all the time for losing popularity, but last I checked it had a huge run at the top of the ratings.

    As far as Ellen, she was terrible on American Idol, and she certainly didn’t HELP the ratings. It might have dropped anyway, but her lame jokes and telling every singer how great they were no matter how awful were a waste of time.

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