Philly Press Awards Banquet

The Philadelphia Press Association will honor its winners at a banquet Friday, June 25th at the Bala Golf Club.


8 responses to “Philly Press Awards Banquet

  1. Hugh Douglas will be receiving the Best Sportscaster Award.

  2. I haven’t heard anything yet on what I won.

    • Tom, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee do me and the hundreds of Phillies fans a favor and watch and listen to one of the Phillies game that you do and then watch and listen to Vin Scully or Todd Kalas or any other team guys do a game, you really have to stop telling us what we already see on the tv! And some of those questions you ask Sarge, really!!!! You can go thru an inning or two even, and not speak during every minute of the telecast, really you can! I don’t want to be mean, but I think that is why the Mets did not renew your contract!!! You make us turn on the radio and listen to Scott and Larry.


  4. NICE!!

  5. Thanks for the compliment, Connected. Ya know, my star shines so bright that the reflections from them to my bald head makes me wear sunglasses when I’m not on tv. It’s good to be a Phillies phan.

  6. tmac you must be in a funk! more mistakes than ever…….your loosing your edge.
    Please let someone else do a inning or two on TV?

  7. Megan, I wish I could, but that darn old woffer Chris Wheeler has senority over me and he takes 2 innings off. Hey, do you think if I pulled off his rug on the air, we’d be a matching set? I’m better looking though.

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