CBS3 Loses Another On-Air Talent

CBS3 is losing its second fulltime meteorologist in 2010, as Doug Kammerer announced that he is leaving CBS3 in August for the NBC affiliate in Washington, DC, his hometown.

Kammerer entered the Philly market at NBC10, then moved to CBS3 in 2008.

Meteorologist Maria LaRosa departed the station for the Weather Channel in Atlanta earlier in the year.

That leaves Kathy Orr, Carol Erickson, and fill-in Justin Drabick on the CBS3 weather team.

Also, morning news anchor Liz Keptner departed the station a couple of weeks ago because of the long commute and early hours, and the station still hasn’t replaced weekend sports anchor Don Bell who departed for ESPN.


31 responses to “CBS3 Loses Another On-Air Talent

  1. When will Doug be leaving CBS 3?

  2. they are going to have to make massive changes at CBS3

  3. Hugh (johnson) Douglas would make a great weather dude.

  4. Sounds like a good opportunity for Rob Guarino to make his way back to the Philly airwaves

  5. I love Carol. She’s smooth, graceful and funny; she can hold her own against Bob Kelly. Give her the morning shift and let Drabick take weekends. He’s been doing pretty well. Too bad about Doug, but maybe he just wants to go home.

  6. Finally…a job for Rob Guarino????? Here’s hoping!

  7. Doug was one of the best — a great on air persona. He leaves end of August.

    MACEO — I am sure Hugh Douglas if he is the same person who use to play football is not financially destitute. The wise guy crack is unnecessary. Why preoccupy you time with this guy — obsession or jealousy.

    The post was about Doug leaving CBS3 to lead a DC TV weather team not about the Hugh Douglas!!!

  8. Are they expecting LVA to return from her maternity leave? Or not?

  9. WJ, LVA will be returning in July.

  10. who is LVA?

  11. Bring back Franks Carillo, ex of Fox 29. Would love to be in the meetings with Schiller and Hickcock. I’m sure their are many unemployed
    weathercasters, reporters. What going to occur when occur when Orr, Erickson take vacation.
    Will Schiller raid NBC10 for Warren or Grossman.

  12. Here’s a far out thought for the CBS managers:
    Keep track of when your talent contracts expire.

  13. Knowing 3, they’ll look to make the big splash, while at the same time, keep their image. I really expect them to hire Justin Drabick. He’s really good, but once again, the name Rob Guarino comes up and also Erica Grow. There’s no other real weather person at any other station in this city I could see 3 realistically pulling over. I don’t think they’d want Warren or Grossman, 6’s weatherpeople are set and satisfied, and Sue Serio, I think, just signed a new contract with 29.

  14. LVA = Lesley Van Arsdall

  15. LVA = (i believe) Leslie Van Arsdale

  16. Sorry if the LVA reference was too esoteric. Dave is correct and gets the “assist” to translate for those not in the know with Lesley and her early morning yummies

  17. Thats why your called”wacky” jack

  18. Dont mess w/WJ, or Hugh Douglas will tear you up!!

  19. For those old enough to remember, one of the anchors on the 6 and 11 pm weekday news at the affiliate Kammerer is going to is Doreen Gentzler. She was an anchor on Channel 10 for a period of time in the late ’80s, before doing the same thing as Doug, i.e., going back to her hometown.

  20. Thank you Maceo! I appreciate your support.

  21. Wishlist:

    Janet Zappala or Connie Cola. Very talented journalists and available.

    Weather is a tough call. Doug is incredibly engaging to viewers . I dont know who can replace him.

    CBS3 has an opportunity to get some good talent in, FOX 29 has been so dissappointing lately, with the exception of good anchoring of John Anderson, Sue Serio and Joyce Evans.
    Should be interesting.

  22. The “cool” and “pretty” kids come and go while good ‘ole (not old!) reliable Carol Erickson hangs in there. Why won’t CBS3 ever fully appreciate her (and her loyalty) and give her the props she deserves?

  23. He long term contract says a lot of how CBS3 valued Carol. Carol is a real class act. Love her.

  24. Speaking of maternity leave….was Cicely Tynan wearing a long, loose tunic top today because she’s in the family way?

  25. Yep, another Tynan spawn.

  26. What is it with this market? Female weathercasters continually get hit with warm fronts.

  27. Could Melissa Mcgee be far behind? Dats, 1 fine lady. She could be the Momma of my babies.

  28. NOOOOO!! Doug is hilarious. He and Bob work great togerther in the morning, exspecially on the CW. I personally don’t like Carol Erickson. Just Draybick has some potential. He is very sharp and clear…I think he should be moved to the morning.

  29. New Clear Power

    Magee may be pleasant on the eyes but her forecasting skills are not the greatest…just like her predecessor Erica Grow (great to look at but couldn’t rip/read Accuweather’s forecast all that well).

  30. Jim, everything on here is about my brother Hugh!

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