Salute to KYW 1060-AM

In honor of the 45th anniversary of KYW 1060’s “all news, all the time” format, The Broadcast Pioneers will host a panel discussion about the station,  Wednesday, June 16, at the Bala Golf Club at  noon.

KYW’s all news format debuted June 19, 1965.

Representing KYW will be director of programming Steve Butler, news anchor Harry Donahue, suburban bureau chief Jay Lloyd, reporter Richard Maloney, vice president and general manager, Roy Shapiro, technician Bud Galow, and more. 

Broadcast Pioneers’ president-elect Jerry Klein, a former Newsradio employee, will moderate the discussion panel.


20 responses to “Salute to KYW 1060-AM

  1. Perhaps a chance for Brandon Brooks to do his amazingly gay “Reeeeeeeewind” segment for these guys.

    I’m Brandon Brooks, and that’s Reeeeeeeeeeeeewind.

  2. And another KYW comment – that jingle for “You Gotta Have Arts” is awful.

    The reports are great and share some fantastic info about the cultural scene;cn6944

    But the fake Patti Labelle jingle has to go.

  3. Traffic Schlub

    What is the point of Reeeeeeeeeeeeeewind anyway?

    A lot of disjointed audio clips presented with no context is not news.

  4. Brandon doesn’t seem to do any real reporting, so without Reeeeeeeeewind what would he be left with?? (WJ– I always felt the same way about rewind…)

  5. Reeeeeeeeeeewind is time-wasting filler. Brandon Brooks sounds like a complete phony. And the topic is quite uniteresting. Does anyone really care when WC Fields debuted?

    If the station made any more $$$ selling advertisements, this segment would be the first to go.


    Sounds like a bad high school music.

    Its garbage like this which takes away from the solid reporting and journalism that the station is known for.

    Generally speaking the station is still solid with vets like Don Lancer and Vince Hill (business), Tom Maloney (sports), Ron Corbin, Elliot Abrams, Tony Hanson, Molly Daly and Robin Culverwell.

    But this silly Reeeeeeeeewind rubbish
    with lame Brandon Brooks really
    is unnecessary

  6. And we can add Brandon Brooks to Wacky Jack’s shit list. I would pay to see you say just half of what you say here to one of these people’s faces and see what kinda reaction you’d get. I’m quite sure it would be funny. Especially if you were to tell Hugh Douglas what you thought of him.

    Internet muscles can make anyone look big and bad.

  7. I have alerted station management at both Fox29 and 610WIP, in writing, what I think about Hugh Douglas.

  8. george mallet

    You are a busy man, WJ. A very busy man.

  9. And I’m quite sure they just laughed and threw it away. Why don’t you call Hugh up next time he’s on air.

  10. Maybe I will do that Eric. Great idea.

  11. I loooove reeeewind.

    Don Apparently you don’t listen to KYW1060. If you do you would know than Brandon Brooks is primarily an anchor. And Rewind is what we call in the broadcast or print media a “filler.”

    I guess you would say the same thing about Rick Williams (If not not reading from a teleprompter “what would he be left with” or that matter any other anchors.

    With more than 25 years on air experience both TV and radio, Brandon has earned his stripes.

  12. Hey, what about Amy Kaplan? Did you ever see that babe? She belongs on TV

  13. Today Hugh Douglas was talking about the Phillies and potential roster changes, but was not aware that there is a limit to 25 players during the regular season. His partner needed to remind him of this fact.

    Once again, Hugh is ill-equipped, unprepared, and is clueless when it comes to facts that ALL radio folks need to know.

    He is a fraud.

  14. who were the original newscasters when KYW went all news in June 1965


  16. The station is waaaaay past its prime. Haven’t needed to listen in a long time with the advance of technology and in the car. Plenty of ways to get news, traffic and weather on one’s OWN schedule.

  17. Didn’t Roy Shapiro retire from KYW several years ago?

    @B Not only past its prime technology-wise, it just seems like so much filler.

  18. Wacky, when I played football @ Temple, Amy was one of the student trainers. Getting taped became a pleasant experience.

  19. Jim–I do see your point, and it’s a fair one. I guess I compare Brandon less to Rick Williams and more to someone like Steve Tawa. Brandon never seems to do anything substantive. Just an opinion…

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