Another Post About 6ABC

I love their new promos for the “Big Board” with Adam Joseph, Erin O’Hearn, Karen Rogers, Melissa Magee, Nydia Han, and Matt O’Donnell.

Why no Keith Russell or Jamie Apody?


21 responses to “Another Post About 6ABC

  1. Umm … because they rarely, if ever, use the big board. Why put them in a promo for a gadget they don’t use??

  2. Do Russell and Apody even use the big board? I dont recall seeing them use it.

  3. The reason; 6ABC, like all the other networks, really dont give a darn about sports anymore.

  4. Would seem like a good match, somewhere John Maddon is circling something, somewhere…

  5. Or put another way — Why would want to watch local sports? I can get more than enough information online, cable, and thru satellite radio.

    And with buffoons like Hugh Douglas, Joe Stazak, Cuz Gargano and greenhorns like Sversky — they sure dont help the cause.

  6. Yeah – it probably has to do with the fact that they don’t use it for sports. HOWEVER, I bet come “football frenzy” they will use it to talk about plays and whatnot.

  7. That big board does nothing for me except make me dizzy, especially when talent doesn’t know how to use it. Heshe just knows they’re supposed to include it in pieces. I’ve seen some of them swoop and swirl images in and out, up and around, for no clear reason except to show off the groovy technology. I’ll take a good ole full screen graphic and v.o. instead any day, unless it’s a weathercast. Thank you.

  8. Frank in Mayfair

    Remember “Big Board Sports” with Lou Tilley?

  9. Hey Whacky, you my boy, but lay off my other boy, Hugh (Johnson) Douglas.

  10. WJ said: “Or put another way — Why would want to watch local sports? I can get more than enough information online, cable, and thru satellite radio.”

    So true, so true. Simply zero reason to watch local TV news. Too many other options to get the same information/entertainment value on one’s own time without having one’s intelligence insulted by smarmy news directors.

  11. Ok, off topic a bit but if we are on 6ABC, what’s up with Melissa McGee? I saw her admonish Adam Joseph today for “talking with his mouth full.” They were onsite at the Jersey shore and he was doing a report after politely eating food given to him…I tried to like her but I can’t. I know why they ditched Erica Grow but Melissa is edgy and not in a good way…Anyone else agree?????

  12. Monica best get her behind back to work. Shirleen is real good.

  13. I agree with Maceo about Shirleen, she’s a real pro and a natural!

  14. Shirleen is sooooo much smoother than Malpass. No winkin, blinkin & noddin!!

  15. Taylor Millstein

    I TOO agree about Shirleen, wow! I even emailed the station my compliments. She’s very polished…and I sure haven’t missed Monica’s fake laugh, the winkin, the noddin’, the general phoniness…and believe me, IT’S PHONY!

  16. Is it just me, or does Shirleen bare a striking resemblance to Lisa Thomas-Laurie?

  17. Taylor, sounds like you have experienced MM first-hand. P H O N Y is being quite kind.

  18. And given Connected’s track record of accuracy, we can all guess how little first-hand knowledge he has.

  19. AH, there you go again, guessing and pontificating falsities. Talk about a lack of credibility, you win the prize. Enough already!

  20. Hey Homer, you never have anything nice to say about anyone on this blog. You always critical of someone. Something is missing in your life. Lives are not being saved here, nor is the Gulf leak being repaired. Its just fun. Let it go dude.

  21. Thanks, Maceo. But, I have nothing but love for Mr. HomerJay. He is of superior intelligence to all of us on this post. I nominate him for site GOD status. With you assistance mr HJ, I try to perform better. Thank and love to you.

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