I Bombed at the Philly Millionaire Audition

I was one of the people who took the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” test at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Saturday.

Unfortunately, I did not pass the test.  Around 200 people in my group took a 30 question multiple choice test.  Only the top 20 people got to move on to an interview with a producer.

I was a little surprised there weren’t more people there.

I made the prime time version in 2000, but it was when there was still the fastest finger part, and I did not make the hot seat.


9 responses to “I Bombed at the Philly Millionaire Audition

  1. Laura, my guess is that not that many people wee at the Millionaire audition because they did not know about it. I would have liked to try just to s ee how I would do, but I had no idea they were in town.

  2. Sharla Feldscher

    That’s so interesting, Laura! I guess it’s even more impressive that Eddie Bruce not only passed the test, he made it on the show for two days last May.
    Try again, Laura … ya’ never know!

  3. New Clear Power

    I didn’t even know Millionaire was in town. I went up to NYC to audition a couple of years ago but got into “movie week” (which I didn’t know I was auditioning for until I got there). Needless to say, my knowledge of bad movies wasn’t good enough to make the cut.

  4. What were a few of the questions, Laura? I’d like to try it. I’d rather be a millionaire instead of a celebrity.

  5. TM. Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

  6. Oh that’s easy, Connected. It’s Grant! Or maybe one of my heros, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. I thought some questions would be hard or tricky… like who’s a better general manager, Ed Wade or Ruben Amaro.

  7. TM – See ? You got it !

    Here’s another one….

    What color was Geo Washington’s white horse ?

    Of course, the questions get harder as you go along.

    Like….. What’s the cube root of 17 ?

    And……What causes dust ?

  8. Horse? White.
    Square Root? 4.1231056…
    Dust? Chris Wheeler blowing his nose.

    I think I’m passing all the tests.

  9. I glad none of you guys noticed or mentioned my haircut. Man did that barber hack my sides. It was a bad cut. Ed Wade recommended Joe’s in Pitman to me. That will be the last time I go to Joe.

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