Eagles and 6ABC Continue Partnership

6ABC will continue airing Eagles Football Frenzy this season.  Obviously, there won’t be a Donovan McNabb Show this year.

It will also air the team’s preseason games.

No word on who will be the Eagles’ player-reporter or who will anounce the preseason games.


8 responses to “Eagles and 6ABC Continue Partnership

  1. If this program were to go away, would anyone notice?


  3. Exactly. The show airs at 1130pm on Sundays. By then everyone has seen the highlights multiple times over, and there is little analysis left.

    Why bother to stay up to watch Keith Russell exaggerate and have Jamie Apody repeat the word “awesome” ?

    Its a pretty lame effort.

  4. Robert - 6abcFan

    What do you all think about Jeff ? Good, bad, needs improvement?

  5. Hugh Douglas still the best of the group.

  6. Robert – I am fine with Jeff. He is a bit of a greenhorn, but knows what he is talking about content-wise and has a nice sharp professional delivery.

    He doesnt overhype things ad nauseum (a la Russell) and he doesnt describe everything as “awesome” (a la Apody).

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  8. doesn’t matter what channel they are on unless they win and win a super bowl already!!!

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