Remembering Gary Papa

6ABC sports director Gary Papa died one year ago today, June 19, 2009.

So who would you say is the best sportscaster at 6ABC these days?

Jamie Apody, Keith Russell, or Jeff Skversky?


15 responses to “Remembering Gary Papa

  1. They are all three so different but I like all of them! I also think the way 6ABC interchanges them works well. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since Gary Papa passed away. Wow….

  2. Gary continues to be an inspiration.

    My vote is for Skversky (despite his one-vowel name).

    Russell: Continues to overdo things when they arent called for. He gets way too excited over most items. Overly dramatic when its not needed. Still has no clue about hockey despite the Flyers playoff successes. Has gotten better than he was. Give him credit for that too.

    Apody: Everything is “AWESOME”. Awesome homer by Howard. Awesome touchdown by the Eagles. The Flyers were awesome last night. She needs to lose the “frat house little sister” approach to her reports.

    Skversky: Solid, confident, and on the mark. Works well with the other anchors. Well rounded and knows his sports. Seems like an overall pleasant fun nice chap.

  3. sorry not a fan of any of them……even though I like to root for the local people.

  4. Robert - 6abcFan

    I have met all 3 of the sports team members; I can say that Keith & Jamie are very nice! Jeff is nice too, but Keith & Jamie are wonderful!

    My favorite is Keith Russell. He adds feeling when he is talking about sports. He is not your typical sports anchor (in my opinion) which is great! He seems to have great chemistry when he is working with Rob Jennings.

    Can I just mention that the weekend evening team that Action News put together is suburb!? They just connect so well and they share a lot of laughs. What can I say more about Action News…The One & Only.

  5. I think Robert-6abc Fan meant to say “superb” rather than “suburb”

  6. Derrick Gunn

  7. Jamie Apody, hands down. When the others are on, I tune away, simple.

  8. Mr. Watts we know your a 6 abc employee!

  9. RIP Gary Papa, a real class act. Sorely missed.

  10. Keith is a moron. Jamie needs to move-on. Jeff is the most tolerable. Forget Perez on sports.

  11. I pick Jamie Apody. She should be made Sports Director

  12. Hard to believe it’s been a year.

    Jeff reminds me a lot of Papa, enthusiastic but not quite a ham, confident. Of the three he seems most like “Action News.” Keith and Jamie seem like goofs, more like “Anchorman” throwbacks.

  13. yes I would like to see Keith Russell replaced with derick gunn. I like to watch gunn during eagles season. russell is over the top annoying

  14. Connected – I concur with your summarization remarks.

  15. How about we voting Mr. HomerJay site god??

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