TV Host Engaged

Congratulations to Better Philly’s Damian Muziani who became engaged to local actress Adriana Alveario last weekend.  Better Philly airs weekdays at 8 a.m. on myPHL17.


26 responses to “TV Host Engaged

  1. Congratulations to this unknown!

  2. Does anyone know this show even exists? I certainly didn’t.

  3. WHY would this show exist?

  4. Put a tent over this circus!

  5. yourworsteffingnightmare

    THAT guy got THAT girl?

  6. if a show falls in the forest and nobody watches … can you call someone a host? IsBetter Philly an internet show, produced live on location from Damians’ mom’s basement?
    Hurry, someone get a press release out from 6abc immediately – Laura is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

  7. boy, if that picture doesn’t prove that there’s someone for everyone!

    Congratulations, kids!

  8. WHO even WATCHES that show anyway?

  9. breaking news just coming into Better Philly … that enormous head of Damian’s will be serving as Best Man. Film at 11. Thank you.

  10. Theres another wacky jack negative comment. Hey Jack, just because you are so miserable and all you do is stay inside and watch tv allday, why don’t you make yourself productive to society and do something worthwhile. Being a couch potato all your life will only lead you to writing posts on this site about whos the best weathercaster on lthe local news. Become somebody please!!!

  11. James – I dont believe I said anything negative here.

    First entry: I congratulated this guy. I referred to him as an UNKNOWN as he is not a “household name” and his show is barely on the radar

    Second entry: I responded to Julia (another astute poster) and her comment that she didnt know this show existed. I was curious to know WHY this show would even exists.

    So to summarize, 1st comment was postitive and 2nd comment was a question.

    I do apologize if these were misconstrued as “negative”, as I maintain they were not.


  12. Spot on James, excpet that it’s too late to help. Although he does have the obsessive man-crush thing going for Hugh Douglas, so that’s something.

  13. Much love to Mr. HomerJay. xoxox

  14. Thanks James, I appreciate your comments, but Jack is pretty spot-on here. I AM an unknown, and our little morning show still gets overlooked even though we’ve been on the air for 22 months. I think I’ve been spared the sword here compared to some comments I’ve read about the “big time” TV folks! No apology needed, we’re cool.

  15. Why all the anti-WJ sentiment?

    He (or she?) is usually right on target!

    Go wacky. go wacky. Its your bday!

  16. Let’s stop bickering here and focus on what’s important …

    Did someone ‘photoshop’ Damian’s head into that picture? Wow. That’s a big dome.

  17. James — you are so correct. The Wacky Jack guy/gal is so critical of people who have jobs. Wonder, if his job is to watch TV personalities/shows he hates.

    Much be a miserable job to have!!!!

  18. For the record, there was nothing critical said here about the groom-to-be.

    I mentioned that he is a relative unknown as he is on a show, which few people watch and fewer people even bother to know about.

    Nothing “hateful” was said about this guy.

  19. I’m not a WJ fan, but the guy/girl stated nothing wrong. It seems that those attacking him/her are a bit obsessive about him, to the point where they could be called stalkers.
    HomerdaJO needs to look in the mirror to see a hater. All he does is complain about WJ. Why don’t you start practicing what you preach HomerdaJO?

  20. I think its great that Damian came on here and “introduced” himself.

    Seems like an affable chap, despite being on a no-name show. Appreciate his honesty

  21. Methinks Wowzer needs to read a bit more, and then it will be more productive to have a discussion when he at least makes an accurate statement about the overall nature of my posts.

  22. HomerdaJO, you complain about WJ being negative, then you turn around are are negative about him in many posts. Again, try practicing what you preach, just don’t be angry that I pointed out that you are a hypocrite. As for you having a productive discussion, you’d first have to lose those angry eyes that you have for WJ.

  23. Astute observations by Wowzer.


  25. I think Damian’s got some coglioni coming on this blog and speaking up for himself and his show. Good for him. He seems like an affable guy. Also, this picture of him looks pretty crappy; the one from the website (roll over his name) makes the guy look alot better.

  26. If that is really Damian, kudos to him!!!

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