The New Rick and Monica

So are Brian Taff and Shirleen Allicot the new “Rick and Monica?”

36 responses to “The New Rick and Monica

  1. If so, I am NOT complaining, she takes over for Nefertiti Jacquez as the baddest news chick in the city!

  2. Lets give them the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

    That being said, they are quite good together.

    Allicot is quite savvy, sharp, professional, and extremely easy on the eyes.

    Another one of a great string of recent hires by this station.

  3. I said before, that Shirleen Allicot is quite the talent. They should definitely find her an anchor position…she’s quite good! Personally, I wouldn’t mind if she replaced Malpass but I know that will never happen.

  4. There are a lot worse things to be known as other than the ‘NEW’ Rick and Monica. Anyone designated with this title should consider themselves quite lucky.

  5. I think Shirleen is a great addition. I like her as an anchor. I think Brian is best used in the field. I’d rather see Matt O’Donnell at 5pm. My only suggestion is that 6ABC get Shirleen a stylist asap!

  6. If backups can be, sure, call them what you wish. It’s not even as though they’re going to be the morning team (a la Rick and Monica, the early years) anytime soon, either.

  7. Brian and Shirleen are great. But I would like to see Erin O’Hearn as Rick’s new sidekick. Monica is too giggly, unprofessional and always tries to have the last word/giggle.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if Shirleen was the new Monica, but Brian is certainly not the next Rick. He should never anchor the news. 6abc shouldn’t have even hired him!

  9. Brian needs a voice coach ASAP. He always sounds like he is speaking with marbles in his mouth.

  10. My anchor line-up:
    6pm/11pm : Jim & Lisa
    5pm : Rick & Monica
    4pm (starting 09/2011) : Rob & Erin
    Mornings/Noon : Matt & Tamala/Sarah
    6pm/11pm : Brian & Shirleen
    Mornings/Noon : Walter & Nydia

  11. Here’s what I would like to see:

    5 AM: Matt O’Donnell, Tamala Edwards and with Sarah Bloomquist as a feature anchor
    Noon: Erin O’Hearn
    (4 PM: Erin O’Hearn & Rob Jennings)
    5 PM: Rick Williams / Monica Malpass
    6/11 PM: Jim Gardner / Lisa Thomas-Laury

    Mornings: Walter Perez / Nydia Han
    6 PM/11 PM: Rob Jennings and Shirleen Allicot
    (If they have a 4, Rob will do 4 and Nydia Han could do Weekend nights. I would love to see Ali Gorman do weekend mornings with walter)

  12. just looking at some of these names…what a powerhouse line up at 6ABC. the other stations talent are nowhere near their league…it’s embarrassing when you look at the other stations. i can’t think of one person who could hold a candle to abc staff. by the way, i love how they hung in there with lisa thomas laury. who does the hiring for action news? do they have a particular “type” they go after, or is it just the competence of the folks doing the hiring.

  13. Allicot, Allicot & more Allicot!

  14. How does Tom McCarthy and Amy Fadool sound to you guts? Heartthrobs both of us??

  15. More WALTER PEREZ on the weekdays!!!

  16. Robert - 6abcFan

    I think that Shirleen is a GREAT anchor! I originally thought they were going to use her as a replacement for Lauren Wilson in Wilmington.

    Brian Taff is not the new Rick!!! I wonder why they continue to use him constantly at 6 & 11 for special reports. I would like to see Brain as an investigative reporter. I think that would be a better position for him.

    Did anyone notice that Rick Williams is the new host of Perspective Delaware? He replaced Lauren Wilson on that position. AND instead of Adam and Cecily hosting the 4th of July Celebrations (As I originally thought), it is RICK and Cecily. Also, Rick and Cecily hosted a half-hour program about the Philadelphia Zoo one Saturday Afternoon.

    As for Jim Gardner co-anchoring with Lisa Thomas-Laury, I think that would be a great pair! Although I believe it states that Jim Gardner is to anchor alone in his contract.

    Ali Gorman with Walter? This reminds me of the days when Anita Brickman co-anchored with Scott Palmer. Although, I think Ali and Walter would be a good pair. It would be interesting to see how Ali anchors the morning news
    And does anyone imagine Tamala as being a political correspondent? Just wondering.

    And who is everyone’s top choice to replace Jim Gardner at six and eleven? I choose Rick Williams.

  17. I don’t care who deliver the news on television. If I factual, accurate and useful, so be it. The only important news people at 6ABC are Nydia (consumer), Ali (heath) Amy (Saving with 6ABC) and Erin (tech). They report on issues that are useful to the general public. Everybody else are just talking heads.

    Which working person sit up ’til 11:00 pm. to listen to the news about got shot/murdered or which highway was shut down because of an overturn trailer — events that happened 5 or more hours earlier in the day?

    What the purpose of sending Erin out at 11:00 pm to do a 3 seconds intro/wrap between a 15 seconds package on a story Vernon did during the 6:00 pm newscast?

    BTW — All television news station are involved in this make-no-sense practice.

  18. Jim, I respect your comments. To this question that you posed: “What (is) the purpose of sending Erin out at 11:00 pm to do a 3 seconds intro/wrap between a 15 seconds package on a story Vernon did during the 6:00 pm newscast? The answer is to insult your intelligence of this “makes-no-sense practice” that you thoughtfully mentioned.

    I’ve been saying it for months on this site, if you want your intelligence insulted, you watch local TV news and the “talking heads” you mention. Doesn’t matter if its in Philadelphia or anywhere else. It’s quite simple, it’s programming that has outlived its usefulness. Anyone that watches is playing right into the hands of smarmy news directors who’s only job is to get eyeballs to the screen NO MATTER how they do it. They do not care about their audience, it’s all simply a canard. As for consumer, health and tech information there are SO MANY other sources of this information that will help make an impact on YOUR LIFE than what WPVI”s reporters have to say about these categories. But for your sake, I’m glad you enjoy the segments. I am involved professionally in the media industry and have even had someone at WPVI who I’ve worked with tell me flat out they know they’re dinosaurs as far as mass broadcasting goes, but still making money as they try and figure out how to properly digitally serve the next generations of the population, those under 30. There are (im)posters on this site who say I’m wrong to have this opinion, but that’s their problem not mine, I couldn’t give a spit what they think. They also watch local TV news and fall into the category made famous by banker David Hannum (not P.T. Barnum), “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  19. Thank the sweet lord we have someone who’s alleged experience has bestowed upon him telepathic abilities he pretends to be facts. Where, oh where, would we be without such an oracle, who is so magically gifted? Someone who makes broad, unfounded sterotypes true just by his shere attachment of the words “my opinion” to them, showing the unwashed masses that facts are not as we learned them to be, they’re a matter of opinion, particularly the wise one’s opinion.

  20. Who the h%$# is she who the f&^% cares….. I don’t see what’s so great about Ch 6. I’ve tried watching all local news and 3 and 10 is about all I can take for local news the little I watch. Ch. 6 is full of old boring momos and Nydia Han is dry as bacon crisp. Matt O slick oil is not funny and Tamala looks like she dislikes the guy. I used to think Jim Gardner was somewhat alright, but I think I miss Mark Howard and Alycia Lane times at 3.

  21. Personally, I don’t mind watching local tv news. Especially Action News. And for those who don’t enjoy watching local tv news, why do you continue to comment on articles? Do you enjoy any of the Philadelphia Media?

  22. Jacob and Tom: I’m with you. But, is 6abc finally getting it? Brian Taff just isn’t getting any better. He’s been there for months: I gotta believe that management has been having him work with talent consultants and voice coaches to help him get rid of his presentation problems. It’s not working. The guy’s inflection, pronunciation and inability to ad lib are still a distraction. Management should keep their focus on Matt O’Donnell who’s ready to go (once he loses those “Senor Ramon” -style sideburns).

  23. And, sending reporters out on stupid 11 pm live shots is never going to change! What other quick and dirty way is there for a producer to make Vernon’s 5- hour-old story fresh, when all of the newsmakers are home snug in their beds?

  24. Remember Monica, Rick & DAVE jingle??

  25. I do like Shirleen, but what really did happen to Lauren Wilson? Was she not renewed or did she leave on her own?

  26. Word is Monica looking good for her return next week.

  27. It’s not a surprise that Shirleen comes off as so polished; she was a “one (wo)man band”/anchor at her former station . I enjoyed watching her at at 5 something I NEVER do…

  28. @Robert-6ABC Fan

    I happened to catch the tail end of Perpective Delaware last weekend. I wasn’t surprised to see Rick; really, who else were they going to give it to? But I am surprised that they have given him the 4th of July chair; I saw David Murphy in that spot(personally I don’t know why Dave Roberts couldn’t come back once a year-how great would that be?)

    RE: Tamala Edwards – You may not know, but she has alot of political coverage in her background. In addition, she has been the host of “Inside Story” for a while now; she always has competent comments and observations there.

  29. Monica’s really returning next week?

  30. Bet on it!!

  31. Monica’s no dummy. She knows that the longer she stays away cuddling those cute babies, the less viewers are going to miss her…..and the more they’re going to like Erin and Shirleen. Absence does not make the audience grow fonder …it makes them move on to the next anchor queen.

  32. Sista Shirleen, WOW! Dats a womannnnn

  33. connected, u are correct, monica is baaaack

  34. Why thank you, Maceo. Guess I got that one correct.

  35. Alicott’s live reports from the site of the Duck Boat accident were awful. Kept saying “developing before our eyes” when NOTHING was happening and no new info available.

  36. Everyone on Action News is great. It’s by far Philly’s best news team.

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