Philly Mag Writes About WIP vs. The Fanatic

There’s a good article about the sports radio battle between WIP 610-AM and The Fanatic 97.5-FM in this month’s Philadelphia magazine written by Richard Rys.

However, is there a conflict because Mike Missanelli, who is featured prominently in the article, also is a contributor to the web site?

15 responses to “Philly Mag Writes About WIP vs. The Fanatic

  1. very good point

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  3. I have said it before and I will say it to my dying
    day. I will take Jody Mac over Cataldi, Eskin,
    Missanelli, Gargano Macnow and anyone else.
    He has class and he treats his callers like human
    beings. I truly miss listening to him on the way
    home. The Fanatic is a good station but that
    midday thing is a joke. That is where they should
    have kept Jody Mac

  4. Jody didnt do shtick. The others are all very good at BSing. Ever notice how they are always selling something?

  5. Connected makes a great point. Jody Mac was not a pitch man. Everyone else plugs something.

    Last night, Startare was pushing the weight loss food program.

    Macnow for years was pushing TNT Amusements. Now he gushes about Five Guys Burgers.

    Mikey Miss seems to be in bed with the Power Windows and Siding folks.

  6. Take it from you pal, Glenn Macnow, buy this, buy that, so I can keep getting freebies. But Angelo is the best. He pays for nothing.

  7. Connected,

    Don’t forget Big Daddy he is a pretty good at
    freeloading. He and Cataldi both seem to forget
    their wallets. MacNOw I remember a few years ago
    Flyers and Sixers are both starting the playoffs
    and Phillies are just beginning the season. What
    was our sports talk station doing? Running the
    best cheesesteak contest. He should quit and
    join the food network.

  8. Great point – Big Daddy Graham is always pushing PJ Wehilans.

    Well done Ed!

  9. Lest we forget the “nice” peeps @ Armen Cadillac that allow him a free car. I will say this for Ed (big daddy) he does admit he’s always looking for something free.

  10. I realize many feel it’s simply freeloading, but the reason so many on-air hosts are plugging different products/companies is because it provides the station’s sales staff an angle to get the spot buy as they prepare a client need analysis (CNA) and subsequently present an overall marketing package that includes on-air talent testimonials or “live reads.” Usually it turns out pretty well for the talent in terms of receiving a car lease, restaurant certificates, weight loss, laser eye treatment, other products, etc.

  11. B, Thanks for the explaination. But, we were just having some fun. Most of the WIP guys freely admit there are searching for free stuff.

  12. Connected, you’re right. On an almost regular basis the on-air staff is making its way over to the sales dept. inside many stations to see what they’re up to, and how that may translate to free goods for them, the talent, in addition to my aforementioned explanation.

  13. shameless!

  14. Hugh Douglas deserves free!!

  15. Midday show a couple of years back, had the worst idea for a radio show ever, pastapalooza. Like people want to hear sports guys eating different types of pasta, WTF!

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