Philly Mag Reveals Klein and Gross Fighting Over Alycia Lane

10 responses to “Philly Mag Reveals Klein and Gross Fighting Over Alycia Lane

  1. He said Gross was in the men’s room, “working off an erection”? Should he be confessing to the same thing after one of those little coffee klatches, so flattered to have received such sincere, authentic friendship and attention from the lovely Alycia?
    Not a conniving bone in that girl’s body.

  2. Isnt Gross gay??

  3. Klein is not the bad guy here….he always admitting to being friends with Alycia.

  4. Geez…can’t we all just play nice? Both Gross’ and Klein’s columns often have the same story. It’s not like there is an abundance of gossip to report in Philadelphia! I guess it’s an ego thing but really, if Klein is somehow leaking Gross’ columns, that’s just not right…..

  5. Just saw you mentioned on TVSpy, Laura

  6. My goodness, aren’t Alycia Lane’s 15 minutes up already?!?!

    Female broadcasters have made so many positives strides over the last decade and them this twit comes along and much of the positive imagery is washed away with her questionable judgment, lose morals and game playing.

  7. I never saw anything even remotely special about Alycia Lane. Not her looks, not her anchoring/reporting abilities, not her personality. Nothing. If she didn’t trade on her so-called “hispanic” background, she’d still be plugging away in Market 101 somewhere. There are better-looking women in line at Whole Foods.

  8. Feltonville Fran

    You may have seen nothing special in Alycia … but certainly some viewers did see something in her and in Larry …
    At times their numbers were up. It was seldom the content that 3 was promoting in its 11 o’clock “news” cast.

    Name any other talent who may have impacted ratings positively in Phila in the past decade.

  9. Keep an eye on Shirleen Alicott!

  10. @CONNECTED : True that!!

    I NEVER watch afternoon newscasts, but for that “brief shining moment” when Shirleen was co-anchoring 5/5:30 I was there every day!…lol
    If ‘pvi finds her a permanent spot, I’m there!

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