Disgusted by Daytime Emmys

As a daytime fan, I was utterly disappointed in the Daytime Emmys which aired on CBS Sunday night.

The ceremony was ashamed to be about daytime dramas.  There were taped bits by David Letterman and Don Rickles who have nothing to do with soaps, then they trotted out bitter Dick Clark for an irrelevent “American Bandstand” tribute.

Half of the winners didn’t show (Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Oz), and most of the winners were from CBS soaps that are getting canceled.

Hey producers:  for next year, just own it, and stop trying to win over new viewers and keep your current fans happy.   There are millions of us out here who love soaps, and don’t want to see our night taking a back seat to Vegas retreads Marie Osmond, Chubby Checker or Tony Orlando.

3 responses to “Disgusted by Daytime Emmys

  1. I totally agree! Dick Clark is a legend, but not for the daytime emmy awards show! That should have been done by the American Music Awards. The daytime emmy’s should be for daytime only!! (Michelle Stafford of Y&R got robbed – just my opinion!)

  2. I must respectfully disagree on the Dick Clark tribute. While it’s sad seeing him in a borderline vegetative state, the tribute to Bandstand was more than appropriate seeing as the show was a daytime institution for many years.

    Yes, the awards show came off a bit awkward on air, the commercials even more so (when your major sponsors include a book fit for an infomercial and a medical records company fronted by a porn star, you’re in trouble), but considering they almost didn’t even get televised this year, it could have been worse.

    As a self professed game show geek, I’m just glad they got that end of the proceedings right and that Cash Cab swept the genre’s two big awards.

  3. First of all, the Emmys aren’t just about daytime dramas. They’re about soaps, game shows, talk shows, kid shows, etc.

    And your comment about Dick Clark being bitter is pathetically insulting and a slap in the face to a television legend. While the tribute certainly went on too long in comparison to other tributes on the Emmys, it was hardly irrelevant. As I pointed out to many TV bloggers last weekend, Dick Clark entertained fans for years on The $100,000 Pyramid and American Bandstand was on daytime television for a number of years. Frankly, Mr. Clark doesn’t deserve such a petty insult about being bitter. That’s low, Laura. Very low.

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