Loving Joy

I love The Joy Behar Show on Headline News.  Although she stole alot from Chelsea Handler’s show, I watch it all the time because it’s on earlier (9 p.m.), she has hilarious panels, and Joy herself is great – she really gets a chance to shine as she doesn’t have to fight for airtime like on The View.

4 responses to “Loving Joy

  1. Can’t stand Joy on this show or The View. Too liberal-minded in her opinions for this Democrat.

  2. Yenta Behar is awful. She has absolutely NO CLUE about any topic on her show…haven’t you ever noticed her clutching onto and reading from those big-ass blue cards, Laura? She’s like Obama with his prompter. Completely unprepared and clueless. She’s not funny. She is bitter. There’s a fine line. She’s just a boring, bitter, lame mess.

  3. I’m more curious about cable networks that have veered away from programming their names suggest. ex. Headlines News

    Last night even the Cartoon Network was airing a show that wasn’t a cartoon!

  4. One need only look at CNN and how well their more “newscast” oriented programming has done against the more “opinion” oriented shows on Fox News & MSNBC. Analysis, opinion and commentary–fronted by personalities that tend to evoke strong reactions, are the ones bringing in the viewers. The days of needing what HLN was designed to do around the clock are long gone. Sticking to an antiquated model is business suicide, so they took a page from what’s proven to work. Generally speaking, it’s been a marked improvement for them ratings wise.

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