Former WB17 Weatherman Sighting

Former WB17 meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin, was spotted on the Weather Channel the last couple of days.  McLaughlin left his weekend meteorologist position at the NBC station in Dallas earlier this year and moved back to New Jersey. He’ll be filling in on various shifts in at the Weather Channel for the next month.
Speaking of the old WB17 news, Jenna Wolfe of the Weekend Today show is doing the best of the former WB news people.   Anyone out there remember some of the others?

21 responses to “Former WB17 Weatherman Sighting

  1. Yeah…whatever happened to Steve Weber? He was on basically every Philly area station with the exception of WPVI, WCAU and the NJ stations…He was on WFMZ, KYW, WPHL and even on Philly TV News, which was on 51 for about a year. Is he still a weatherguy?

  2. Julia, you’re thinking of Craig Weber (with the weather on the WB). Last I knew he ran for political office:

  3. Frank in Mayfair

    How about Julie Bologna? Still in Pittsburgh after her WB17 stint:

    I remember one newscast Craig Weber spent like 5 minutes explaining how Bologna taught something wrong the night before

  4. On sports, we had Mikey Miss.

    Also recall that Otis Livingston did some sports there too. He was solid.

  5. toni yates, a real babe. got rid of that philly firemen & moved to the big apple. now covering north jersey.

  6. Mike Dardis is in Seattle. He was Toni Yates co-anchor.

  7. Toni Yates is one of the New Jersey correspondents for WABC-TV Channel 7 in NYC. She has been there since ’06, and joined the station shortly after WPHL ended its in-house news operations.

    She mainly reports and covers stories in both North and Central New Jersey. She is still a very solid and classy reporter.

  8. May I suggest that you rephrase the Jenna Wolfe update?
    Instead of saying she is “doing the best”, perhaps you should change it to she “has the most visibility”. I don’t believe that the word “best” or “good” or “professional” or even “watchable” is applicable to Ms Wolfe’s performance.
    How did she get that network job? Really.

  9. Otis Livington is worked at WCBS-NYC as a weekend sports anchor and reporter

  10. The first sports anchor at WB17 who was Afro-American and came from Louisville, KY. not sure his name passed away 1-2 yrs. ago.

  11. Not one mentioned the first anchor team; Jim Watkins who was canned couple weeks ago at WPIX and again she was Asian. I think she is working either in Buffalo, NY. or NYC. Can anyone help me here, please.

  12. One other sports anchor at WB17 was a Matt Biondi, not to be confused with the Olympic swimmer. He worked at CSN doing some summer relief. Does anyone know where he is working?

    Also, how about Larry Cosgrove he was the last(i believe) weatherman before they folded.

  13. Oh my, how I loved Steve Maclaughlin! I was so upset when he left Philly. What was it like 6yrs ago? I thought he went to the pacific northwest, wait, maybe I’m confusing him with that Mike Dardis guy. And to Wacky Jack…I like how you emphasize the “Miss” in Mike’s name. Ooo you’re bad WJ, bad and I love it.

    Btw, anyone know who was that weatherman on Fox 29 years years ago I used to have a crush on.. Bill something? I just remember how he always wore a bracelet.

  14. To L.Undeas,

    Yes, his last name is Dardis who moved to Seattle after he did sports and news on WB17. And the Bill is Elias I think your referring to. He came from the Texas panhandle.

    Does anyone know that Toni Yates was married to Arthur Fennell for a short time.

  15. Bart, more than a short time. They had two children.

  16. Laura never posts my comments! Whats the deal?

  17. Dave, she doesnt like you.

  18. Dave she dont like me either.

  19. Some more WB alumni: Jim Sinkovitz, Karen Jordan, Brad Sattin, Tracy Humphrey, Blaine Applegate, Dave Marshall


  21. Its not like I post nasty comments either…whats the deal NACHMAN!

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