Larry Leaves

Coincidentally, a day after I posted something about being a fan of The Joy Behar Show on HLN, CNN’s Larry King announced he will be finally be retiring from his 9 p.m. show.

Most agree that Larry has lost it over the last year or so.  The emergence of Behar in the spring was a factor.

As for Larry’s replacement, I would NOT like to see Ryan Seacrest get that job.  Katie Couric would be my choice.

5 responses to “Larry Leaves

  1. I could do Larry’s job. All it takes is the gift of gab. And all us long-time posters know there was an imposter here under the name of “Talkin’ Tom McCarthy” thinking I talk too much. I guess that’s a compliment.

  2. Larry’s show is awful. But kudos to him for sticking around this long.

  3. So old, that he paid for his wife’s man’s car & apt.

  4. Shut up Laura. Their going to give hour to A.C.

  5. Katie? That chick is a loser. Although Bart is probably correct, dont want him either. Perhaps a young hot topless babe??

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