Alycia Lane’s New L.A. Co-Anchor In Trouble


13 responses to “Alycia Lane’s New L.A. Co-Anchor In Trouble

  1. Looks like Ms Lane is still enjoying her tight blouses.

  2. She seems to bring out the worst in her co-anchors.

  3. WJ; thats the only thing left thats still “tight”

  4. She actually looks a lot better nowadays than she did here. When she was here she looked like she was wearing an entire Macy’s makeup counter on her face every night.

  5. larry stensland

    Say what you will. But that little trainwreck was about the hottest firecracker to ever grace this city’s teleprompters.

  6. That Chris Booker has been giving her daily “facials”

  7. Eric – Thanks for the insights. Truth be told, I rarely paid attention to the face

  8. So many women in the news biz have worked so very hard, overcome barriers and untold obstacles so that a bimbo and fraud like Alycia Lane could still be on the air today. What a world…..

  9. Agreed Scott. There is not one goo thing about her – she is a lightweight who sucks up to managers – lies – backstabs – and then doesn’t work. All her talent is in her surgically enhanced chest.

  10. Betsy, I agree w/you for the most part. But the gals are real!!

  11. This note is simply another reason NOT to watch local TV news. If you want your intelligence insulted, you watch local TV news. If you don’t want to be insulted, you don’t watch. There’s no in-between. It’s that simple.

  12. She still comes off as a such a featherbrain, after all these years. But, they probably love her out there on their giant HD screens. Her co-anchor is kind of impressive: the guy was actually paying attention to the video being played, instead of just reading off the prompter like a bobblehead. But, dude should know better than to even MOUTH w-t-f, especially in this case because he knew he was on camera.

  13. She is CRAZZZZY – the fact that she HIT A COP and now is suing CBS is crazy enough – but going after troll Rich Eisen makes her a special kind of crzy

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