Dutch Needs Sunscreen

It’s great to have Darren Daulton back with appearances on Comcast SporstNet and ESPN 950, but somebody needs to tell him to spend less time in the sun. 

His way too tan appearance for television is distracting.


11 responses to “Dutch Needs Sunscreen

  1. he is on 97.5 the Fanatic…950 ESPN is the sister channel

  2. Only 2 summers left before December 2012. Dutch is getting his money
    s worth.

  3. Gator skin!

  4. In addition to his bad sunburn, he really doesnt add a whole lot of insight.

    Dutch is pretty raw, and does provide the viewers with any substance.

    On the other hand, there is Ricky Botallico who is a real pro, and delviers ace insight and analysis

  5. When Darren Daulton started to do some post-game live shows a few weeks back, I sear I could not reconize him. I had to take a cloer look at the screen to make sure that was him. He’s way over-tanned for TV, and to a certain extent I agree with Wacky Jack, Dutch doens’t provide much insight compared to Botalico. I think at times Botalico goes over board and comes accross aa an utter tool, but he does bring some insight to the show.

  6. jacque sniffer

    I think you guys forgot how raw and nervous Mitch Williams was when Comcast first picked him up …constantly twitching and fidgeting and very unpolished with his grammar. Mitch transformed himself into a wonderful analyst and he’s great on MLB but I miss him on Comcast.

    Ricky Bo is beginning to come into his own with solid analysis, but you are correct Miguel – he often comes off like a tool.

    Give Dutch a chance. He’ll never quite fit in from an appearance standpoint ( I find myself wondering if he’s wearing swim trunks beneath the desk) and his grammar will never be polished, but I think he’s coming around. He’s got some keen insight. He’s much better on the FM 97.5 in the afternoons.

  7. Are Dutch & Laura dating??

  8. I thought Laura was dating Barry Williams??

  9. Sorry guys, I’m taken!

  10. Dutch is still a cutie! Though I was a bit disturbed at him playing golf barefooted at some local event recently.

  11. Was Dutch playing golf or just drinking beer?

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