Eskin’s Son Spike on WIP

WIP personality Howard Eskin’s son, “Spike,” who normally is a DJ on WYSP, filled in on WIP Saturday night.


11 responses to “Eskin’s Son Spike on WIP

  1. doesnt seem the be a douche bag, like his daddy.

  2. Spike worked the 11pm-2am shift before handing over to John Johnson.

    From what I heard, he was more than sufficient

  3. That was Howard’s kid? O’Boy, he guys shouldnt get carried away. I thought he came from hills of Illinois, O’ excuse me, how about the plains of Nebraska. His voice, delivery sounded like a kid out of Temple. Yo, Spike stick to 94 ysp and keep playing rock music. One Eskin doing sports is more enough.

  4. Remember folks, ysp and wip are owned by the CBS Group. You think that was the reason Spike was doing double duty. Does this mean we’ll hear
    Jen Reed on 610 doing updates or Dom G or Bill Z.
    co-hosting the 7-11pm on 610. By the way, that might be better than Rob “Motormouth” Ellis. He shouldnt be confused with ex WCAU-FM jock Terry Young(now on Sirius 60’s on 6, 7-Midnite)

  5. Has anyone seen Hugh Douglas on Fox??

  6. To MACEO, 1. who cares, 2. who cares, 3. no

  7. Bart, you got that right, that Ellis is putrid.

  8. Rob Ellis putrid? Not a chance. Rob is one of the most informed radio talkers around. He shares information because he knows his material. He knows it because he does his homework. Believe me, if you ever wanted to avoid an entensive information search that starts with Google, talk to Rob first. I did it and it worked for me. More than once in fact. The difference is despite knowing just about everything about sports, Rob doesn’t present it in a know-it-all fashion. With Rob less is more, less him, more information. What a concept!

  9. Ellis would be nowhere w/o my friend, Ike Reese teaching him the ropes.

  10. Ike Reese is the man. He and Hill are the best brothers on the station.

    Douglas and G Cobb are useless, unimpressive, and ill-informed

  11. Cobb is the most unfocused person in radio history!

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