Fox Denies TVSpy Post About Bolaris

A Fox spokesperson said a post the on the TV Spy message board about Fox29 not renewing the contract of meteorologist John Bolaris is false. 

Bolaris replaced Rob Guarino a couple of years ago. The rest of the weather team includes Sally Ann Mosey and Sue Serio.

21 responses to “Fox Denies TVSpy Post About Bolaris

  1. Good! Maybe we can get Rob Guarino back!

  2. Maybe it was a mistake and they meant to say they were not renewing the contract of clueless Hugh Douglas

  3. i’ll take Hugh Douglas over Wacky Jack any day of the week….. Hugh is much more entertaining…. and funny enough more on topic if you can belive that.

  4. unrelated here- Does anyone know what happened to Lauren Wilson on ch.6?

  5. Lauren left several months ago. Years of covering Delaware and knowing what was going on there wasn’t enough.

    Management needed space for its youngsters.

    Cue up another promo of Jimbo talking about news you can trust.

  6. It obvious that WJ is either in love with Hugh Douglas or is jealous that Hugh Douglas has a a well paid job.

    Advice for WJ – seek some professional help. You are beginning to frighten Laura!!!

  7. His obsession has the trappings of a real man crush going on. If he actually did dislike Hugh or Fox 29 that much, he’d use the remarkable new invention called an “off” button.

  8. Gibby, 6ABC did not renew her contract.

  9. Seems some people are jealous of the great WJ!!

  10. Hugh’s da best!! Anyone that dont like him, we can meet!!! I’ll make you cry like a bitch-ho. As for WJ, he know’s Hugh is da man!!

  11. I always admire the kind words from
    my esteemed friend and colleague

    As for Maceo, I hope he can score that new Sista over at CBS3. He has more game than Douglas – who today revealed he didnt know baseball had a trade (non-waiver) deadline.

  12. Robert - 6abcFan

    I don’t understand why you all spend so much time talking about FOX29 when Channel 6 is obviously the right option! 🙂

  13. Thanks for checking out the Bolaris story. Sometimes those Watercolor commenters are truly in the know; other times, they’re just stirring the sh*t. Time will tell if management’s denial is the truth.

  14. and wacky jack is still not on tv……. why is this!!!!! oh right he is a nobody except on a chat log……… snap. Try again in another life. I’ll be rooting for you. I’ll whisper sweet nothings into your IFB.

  15. @ Robert… The topic of this thread was Fox29. Thus the comment on the bumbling idiotic overmatched ill-prepared fraud Douglas. I do like 6ABC and have commented as such many times.

  16. score, another whack for the Jack!!!

  17. wacky the topic of the thread was bolaris….. it’s nice that you can read…… but i wouldn’t call it teleprompter level work from you.

  18. How does Fox do in the ratings when Bolaris is on in the evening? I bet they would do just about the same without him. He does not seem to be a team player, especially when he gets in trouble at the Bars. John is a small man in a big man market.

  19. Where has Bolaris been lately?

  20. New Clear Power

    Fox’s ratings might have nudged down but that has more to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of their newscast than with Bolaris.

  21. Weather Channel Wally

    Former CBS3 weather person Maria LaRosa is looking GREAT at the Weather Channel.

    How is that Channel 6 is able to keep Cecily T year after year and not lose her to some other job.

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