Brian Taff Named Best Reporter By Philadelphia Magazine

6ABC’s Brian Taff was named Best Reporter in the 2010 “Best of Philly” issue of Philadelphia magazine.


15 responses to “Brian Taff Named Best Reporter By Philadelphia Magazine

  1. That vote was rigged!!

  2. The best new reporters in Philadelphia are Elizabeth Hur and Ben Simmoneau. Both are very sharp when it comes to live reporting.

  3. I second you, Connected!!!! There is no way he could be best reporter

  4. He’s a good reporter…but he needs to get a voice coach asap!

  5. I agree with Philly Mag. Brian Taff is the best new reporter, and I find his “accent” charming.

  6. Taff “best reporter” ahead of Vern Odom, David Henry, John Rawlins, Dann Cuellar, Nora Muchanic, and Cathy Gandolfo?


    Name one report you’ve ever seen him do that you could point to as being well executed, well produced, well written?

    He isn’t even the “best new reporter.”

  7. what are their criteria? choosing the guy that will help them sell the most mags????? He is not the best reporter for the simple fact that he is so green to the market that he has not developed any contacts or sources behind the scenes to get the facts or dig. There is “you like their delivery and on air persona”……. and then there is “This person knows how to get the info and construct a good story.” Should be “The reporter with the biggest behind the scenes push.”

  8. He is a good reporter.
    He is a good new reporter.
    Is he the “Best Reporter”?

    Probably not yet.

    This town has some great reporters like Dave Schratwieser, David Henry, Luann Cahn, etc.

    Might be a bit early to bestow this on young Taff.

    At least they didnt give to blundering flubbering inept Hugh Douglas.


  10. Oh now, how can it be? Doesn’t Philly Mag recognize that a few obsessive, disconnected message board posters have an issue with them, and that therefore their opinion is immediately rendered incorrect?

  11. put a dress on taff & he can date mr homer

  12. Robert - 6abcFan

    haha HomerJay makes a good (and funny) side to the story.

    I think that Action News has given Mr.Taff a lot of exposure. More than Scott and Allicot (who are also new, just like Taff).

    Mr. Taff has reported well about the BP Oil Spill, The Bad condition in the Philadelphia Police Department, and other numerous stories that are considered heavily important and heavily covered topics.

    Maybe Philadelphia Magazine named Brain the best reporter for the reasons listed above. Other reporters (who are also great, some better) don’t get as much exposure on reporting the big stories like Brian has. I have never seen Kathrine S. or Shirleen A. sitting next to Jim Gardner at 11 saying a special report. But Brain has.
    This is all just my way of saying that Action News has given Taff huge exposure. And he made the best of it by reporting in a detailed and insightful manor.

    When life gave Mr.Taff lemons, he made some pretty good lemonade.

    Although I do give Dave Schratwieser, David Henry, and Luann Cahn credit for their great reporting on the Mob Talk, Insightful Center City Reporting, and Detailed Investigations.
    Question: Who was named “Best Meteorologist” in 2010? (Just wondering)

    Question: Why is Tim Lake not co-anchoring on NBC10 News @ 4?

  13. Is this a joke?

  14. New Clear Power

    Taff? Really? I can think of ten reporters that are better than Taff off of the top of my head without even thinking about it. He’s ok but he’s nothing special…there are people (Walt Hunter, Odom, Cuellar, etc.) who are more deserving.

    Maybe he’s the most hyped reporter given all the promos 6 runs of him…but he’s certainly not the best in this town…not by a longshot.

  15. these are among the new reporters, not the veterans we all know and respect

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